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Bruce Feldman with Fox Sports is reporting that LSU is looking to add former Florida offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier to the staff as an offensive analyst.

The 47-year old coach former quarterback from Portland, Oregon has plenty of experience as an offensive coordinator and QB coach. He was fired at the end of the 2017 season when Dan Mullen took over as the Gators’ head coach.

Playing career - Quarterback
1990–1993 Idaho
1994–1997 New Orleans Saints
1998 Indianapolis Colts
2000 BC Lions

Coaching career:
2001 BC Lions (QB coach)
2002 Ottawa Renegades (QB)
2003–2005 Michigan State (QB)
2006–2007 St. Louis Rams (QB)
2008 Fresno State (OC/QB)
2009–2011 Washington (OC/QB)
2012–2013 Alabama (OC/QB)
2014 Michigan (OC/QB)
2015–2017 Florida (OC/QB)
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Definitely a good hire for analyst. No one should bitch about this. He’s super qualified.
Reply12 days
Played for the Saints so does that make him "one of us" lol!!
Reply12 days
Why didn't he analyzed his offense in Florida and Michigan. His offense in those 2 schools were last in the world. In fact, I do not recall Florida has ever had a vorse offense.
Reply13 days
Methinks people are thinking far too into this. He's NOT going to be our OC and he's not going to be calling plays. In my opinion, having more experienced minds and coaches as analysts is a good thing. So people just need to chill out. Oh, and by the way. I'm by no means a Coach O supporter so don't throw that shite on me.
Reply13 days
ahh, the man who called the screen to Yelton.
Reply14 days
He did call that beautiful screen pass from McCarron to Yeldon in 2012.
Reply14 days
Underwhelming to say the least. So we'll support mediocre with less than mediocre analysis. At least he's not on the AARP mailing list yet. Two seasons tops, and that's if O survives that long.
Reply14 days
Wow. What a terrible move. Dude is awful.
Reply14 days
He may have been a bad OC, but he's overqualified to be an analyst, so solid hire by Orgeron. Most of the problems at Florida was shitty personnel anyway. He did well when Will Grier was playing QB.
Reply14 days
No he didn't Grier had 1.5 games where he looked good. The rest of the time he looked like LDR
14 days
before long, every player will have his own coordinator!
Reply14 days
He’s MEESTER Nussmeier. I’ll vouch for heem.
Reply14 days
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha O is running yall's program in the ground!!! He is a terrible game planner.
Reply14 days
Because of the move of Ensminger to OC I think this is a very good hire, he can help put together, the blue print for the offense, then also help with game planning week to week....I also agree that alot of people are just looking for reason to complain, this move can't hurt...& If PS2 hadn't burned us yesterday everyone would be psyched right now cause we got everything we needed and have a spot left over for a possible QB transfer
Reply14 days
*If we didn't lose PS2 to Bama. Its always worse when they pick Bama over us. Ill reserve judgement on the hire until I see the product on the field.
14 days
also agree that alot of people are just looking for reason to complain
13 days
Man, do some of you have a life beyond bashing everything that happens within our football program? Seriously, is that what your lives consist of? Waking up in the morning and coming on TD just to ridicule, make fun of, and downplay our football program, coach, and decisions that are made? It's really pathetic. Get a life.
Reply14 days
As pathetic as trying to spin Doug Nussmeier as a good hire for anything other than delivering a pizza? Who knows.
14 days
The answer to your question is a resounding yes. I am convinced that this board is infested with posers who are not LSU fans and post anything negative about LSU just to stir up controversy and hoping to make LSU look bad. It is like no other board.
14 days
At least he knows where the bodies are buried.
Reply14 days
so another guy that cant do anything with a QB.YES!
Reply14 days
Nice hire, Coach Special Ed!
Reply14 days
why not hire him as OC instead of analyst ?
Reply14 days
I'll answer my own question: assuming he's looking for something bigger and long-term (NFL?) in a year or two.
14 days
13 days
^ ...
7 days
another stellar move by Coach Gumbo
Reply14 days
Didn't he play for the Aints?
Reply14 days
Didn’t you read at the top of this page??
14 days
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