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LSU's early odds to win the 2019 College Football National Championship are 50/1, according to Online Sportsbook Bovada.

The Tigers finished the 2018 season at No. 6 in the AP Top 25 and No. 7 in the Coaches Poll with a 10-3 record.

2019 NCAA Championship - Odds to Win:
Clemson 2/1
Alabama 5/2
Georgia 12/1
Michigan 12/1
Ohio State 12/1
Oklahoma 14/1
Florida 25/1
Nebraska 25/1
Notre Dame 25/1
Texas 25/1
Washington 25/1
Oregon 33/1
Auburn 50/1
LSU 50/1
Mississippi State 50/1
Wisconsin 50/1
Iowa 80/1
Miami FL 80/1
Penn State 80/1
Texas A&M 80/1
USC 80/1
Utah 80/1
Virginia Tech 80/1
Central Florida 250/1
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It looks like they are still disrespecting LSU. In any event, if Dare Rosenthal develops enough to start at one of the tackle spots, that will mean the offensive line will be significantly better next season, and if the offensive line is better, then the passing game will be very significantly better and the running game with the addition of two elite running backs will also be very significantly better. Meanwhile, with K'lavon Chaisson being back to full health and probably Jacoby Stevens starting at safety, who in my opinion appears to be as versatile as Grant Delpit, the pass rush next season should be far better than last season, which means the defense overall ought to be significantly better as well. Hence, I'm going to go out on a limb and predict LSU will be 11 & 1 or less likely 12 & 0, especially with the favorable schedule we have next season. In fact, I believe we have a decent chance to make the playoff next season.
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I don’t have money to bet with but for those of you that do, Auburn at 50/1 and Georgia at 12/1 are two pretty good bets. That AU D-Line is coming back and Malzahn’s offense has done it before. Georgia is going to win an NC eventually.
Reply2 months
$100 on ucf?? Does it count if they just claim it anyway?
Reply2 months
It might also cut out all these players declaring early which would help college post season.
Reply2 months
This is why the playoff needs to go to 8 teams. The underdog is sometimes the best team in the country and the way they have it now will produce the same damn champion every year. The 10-2 teams and maybe even the 9-3 teams need to be given a chance to make their case in the playoff at the end when they are healthy and rested. Who knows maybe GA or Texas wins it all. Maybe Florida makes a run. Maybe LSU sneaks in there. Who knows but it needs to be expanded. The regular season will still count. SOS and win loss record will be important as frick. You won't be penalized for losing a game or two if you have a hard schedule though. Or maybe you have 3 close loses to top 10 teams when you weren't as healthy.
Reply2 months
You look at the odds for next year and it's obvious we need to go to 8 teams? Wtf.
2 months
So you are surprised when the good teams are good? It seems like you want upset wins to fill your pointless water cooler conversations at work rather than a system that works to crown the best. It’s not like this year’s title game went as expected.
2 months
Obviously the big wtf on the list is Nebraska. That said, the other surprises to me are Michigan equal to UGA and OSU, Florida at 25/1 having to go through UGA and sec west champ, a little disappointed with LSU but thats probably because we fold against bama every year and i think PSU should be higher. I do love and absolutely agree with the faggies at 80/1. ESPN has been sucking off the faggies since jimbo's arrival. Have you looked at the way too early 2019 rankings? A&M at #9 after 9-4, returning 11 starters and the #3 recruiting class over LSU at 10 with 16 starters, 10 - 3 and #4 class? I know its minor in some thing that means nothing but frick espn nonetheless
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Reply2 months
Nebraska > LSU????
Reply2 months
Michigan? Nebraska? Washington? Notre Dame? Oregon? Wtf is this bullshite
Reply2 months
I think the assumption is LSU has to play Alabama and Nebraska doesn't. Not really saying Nebraska is better, but more a testament to the schedule LSU will have to play to get to the title. That said, I think that justifies LSU having 50/1 chances. I don't think there is really any justification for having Nebraska at 25/1. I don't think Nebraska is worth even listing the odds for.
2 months
This "bullshite" is people being objective and understanding that LSU consistently underachieves. LSU isn't sniffing their own division or conference title, let alone a playoff championship.
2 months
LSU isnt even close to winning their division right now.
2 months
Reply2 months
Finished 2018 as a Top 10 team, with double digit wins, and should be a better team in 2019. But somehow with 50-1 odds.
Reply2 months
ANYONE that puts Nebraska's odds at anything other than a million to one is an idiot
Reply2 months
I would put us with the 25/1 group at a minimum
Reply2 months
What a joke. Only a complete moron would put a cent on Notre Rated Dame or Nebraska. What a fricking joke.
Reply2 months
Same odds as Miss State, Auburn, and Wisconsin? Behind Florida, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Oregon, Washington, and Texas? What a garbage arse shitty arse list.
Reply2 months
We get zero respect
Reply2 months
I will put up 100 to win 5 grand.
Reply2 months
So your saying there’s a chance
Reply2 months
Nebraska who started 0-6 wasn't in a bowl game has better odds than LSU?!? Wow!
Reply2 months
LSU has to play 6 and potentially 7 of the teams on this list next year. Not even including the playoffs. Playing in the SEC west is not an easy path to the CFP.
2 months
Still, that is less likely than a 4-8 team who plays in the Big 10? I'm not saying LSU should be higher, but behind Nebraska?!?
2 months
Look at the teams on the list... LSU is in the SEC west which means they would have to go through Ala in order to make the CFP... That’s it. Even Fla has better odds than us bc the East is a little weaker but would still have to go through Ala. The Big10 is terrible so their odds are going to be better bc it’s easier for those teams to make it.
2 months
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