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LSU's odds of making the College Football Playoff National Championship Game are 40/1, according to online sportsbook Bet Online.

Odds To Make The College Football Playoff National Championship Game
Alabama 2/3 (-150)
Ohio State 7/4 (+175)
Georgia 2/1
Clemson 5/2 (+250)
USC 9/1
Texas A&M 11/1
Texas 14/1
Miami FL 18/1
Oklahoma 18/1
Notre Dame 22/1
Utah 22/1
Michigan 33/1
Florida 40/1
LSU 40/1
North Carolina State 40/1
Oregon 40/1
Penn State 40/1
Wisconsin 40/1
Ole Miss 50/1
Tennessee 50/1
Arkansas 66/1
Baylor 66/1
Kentucky 66/1
Michigan State 66/1
Oklahoma State 66/1
Pittsburgh 90/1
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user avatar
The real AP poll.
user avatar
JCinBAMA18 months
Insert Mel Brooks "It's great to be the King" gif.
user avatar
LSUdc18 months
These are the real rankings if anyone cares...
user avatar
Tiger98718 months
So we are tied for 13th Preseason Poll according to Bet Online
user avatar
NPComb18 months
So you're sayin' there's a chance!
user avatar
Outboard18 months
I trust Vegas way more than the preseason polls!
user avatar
MichiganTiger18 months
Sure are a LOT of teams ranked ahead of us with longer odds to get to the title game. Guess Vegas thinks we’re better than most of them!
user avatar
PUB18 months
USC @ 9/1
Lincoln Riley must be the Goat ….
user avatar
NEZ23818 months
Hmmh ... Yet, Tigers are unranked?
user avatar
Mike da Tigah18 months
I keep getting a kick out of all the A&M hype every year. They have not done anything of significance in any of the years they’ve been in the SEC, but every year, they are hyped up as if they are world beaters, and they simply have not been. It is absurd.

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minister of truth18 months
Every damn year! 1 year they’ll eventually be right I guess
user avatar
RightWingTiger18 months
To be fair. They haven’t done anything of significance in any years when NOT in the SEC either!
user avatar
DandA18 months
These lines are to entice bets. If bets go too hard on one side, they change the line. These lines are not reflective of anything in reality besides trying to entice people to put money on it. The most laughable one to me is Texas at 14/1. I'd put ALOT of money against them for that line.
user avatar
tigerpawl18 months
NC State could surprise a lot of people.
user avatar
Damathe18 months
And the yearly USC hype machine will be even more annoying.
user avatar
RightWingTiger18 months
I thought the same but it is the PAC12 & adding a QB like Williams & a WR like Addison might make them very hard to beat considering their schedule.
user avatar
pitchandcatch2718 months
Miami, What the hell !! Joke, better team than Utah or Florida.. GEAUX TIGERS!!
user avatar
YMCA18 months
They must see USC having a major 1 year turnaround.
user avatar
TheTigershark18 months
Hmm 13th to 18th best odds to win natty but unranked in top 25…?
user avatar
DVinBR18 months
LSU 1/1 <- FTFY
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