SEC Networks' Paul Finebaum unveiled his new top four teams in college football on Monday and left the SEC out of the playoff picture.

His top teams are Baylor, TCU, Ohio State and Utah.

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FourthQuarter105 months
"LSU A&M and Florida are undefeated, so I can't put Bama in the top 4 yet or the team that beat Bama... I just wont put any SEC team in!"
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Black n Gold105 months
It dawned on me watching the SEC Network pregame coverage this past Saturday what a miserable frick this prick is.
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barry105 months
I still can't believe this troll is on ESPN...wait nevermind that actually makes perfect sense.
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billf7095105 months
"Pawl, this is Elmer from Bessemer. I just called to say that Ole Miss didn't beat Bama. Bama beat Bama. One more thing. Nick Saban has the eye of the eagle. Roll damn tide."

Right Pawl?
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sjmabry105 months
He's an idiot
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winston318105 months
He's a shock jock. Besides reciting history he doesn't know football
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Pianoman105 months
Look at the ears on that him RADAR, lololol.
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Flame Salamander105 months
and that's why the BCS format was allow the truly strongest teams to play in the championship games...not this stupid as frick human "polling".
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lsuhunt555105 months
Thanks Pawl.
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Haughtonboy105 months
what kind of nonsense is this?
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11thACR105 months
Pawl Who ?????
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CajunAlum Tiger Fan105 months
Well, Baylor plays TCU, so this will settle out.
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justice105 months
surely Baylor will drop a game with that horrific defense
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HoustonGumbeauxGuy105 months
Da AIDS is really starting to impact his logical thinking....

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