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LSU backup offensive guard Kardell Thomas plans to enter the NCAA Transfer Portal, he confirmed to TigerDroppings on Wednesday.

Thomas signed with LSU in 2019 as a highly recruited offensive lineman from Southern Lab in Baton Rouge. He has appeared in just 11 games over the last three years, with two starts.

Thomas saw action in four games this past season in a backup role vs. Southern, New Mexico, UAB, and Purdue. He will graduate from LSU in May and have two years of eligibility remaining at his next school.

He is the fourth backup LSU offensive lineman to depart the team, along with Cam Wire (Tulane), Marcus Dumervil (Maryland), and Xavier Hill (Memphis).

From Kardell Thomas' Instagram account:

"Growing up, being from Louisiana playing at LSU has been a lifetime goal of mind. And for that I want to thank LSU for giving me the opportunity to achieve such a goal. In life growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as feeling stuck somewhere you don’t belong. I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.

Unfortunately my time here at LSU did not pan out the way I expected but regardless I am forever grateful for the opportunity given. I believe in order for me to grow and be the best version of myself, I have to make a decision that will allow for that to occur.

With that being said, I have made the decision to enter my name in the transfer portal."
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TheRouxGuru13 months
user avatar
NorthSider7213 months
Gotta do what you gotta do. We all do. He's a player with a limited life span in sports. Go and good luck young man.
user avatar
CharlesLSU13 months

Dieting is not just a word.
user avatar
Jasharts7713 months
I though he was a bust waiting to happen. Guess I was right
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dustytiger12313 months
just because you are leaving, you are an Lsu graduate.. which means you are an Lsu Tiger.. and always will be.. good luck chasing your dream.. that degree will always be there to keep you afloat.. Godspeed..
user avatar
eddieray13 months
He’s gonna graduate in May. Good for him. He got something out of his stay here if not much playing time. I’m sure he’ll find a team that can use him
user avatar
cadillac756313 months
So sad. Been pulling for this guy since high school
user avatar
wallowinit13 months
I remember him being recruited and I always rooted for him to make it. He seems like a good guy. Good Luck Kardell!
user avatar
Tiger in Texas13 months
Injuries set him back, but he hung in there. I wish him well, hope he goes to another La. school & finds some measure of success.
user avatar
Sevensblue13 months
Proud of this kid. It didn’t work out but he’s a tiger for life. Hopefully he finds the place he belongs
user avatar
chinhoyang13 months
talent drain is a matter of grave concern

user avatar
theBru13 months
I think you got that backwards...
user avatar
Spankum13 months
Best of luck to him….Thanks for being a Tiger!
user avatar
zed4413 months
Processed out
user avatar
Vernonbrew2213 months
He grew up near Glen oaks and loves the Tigers. Best of luck young man
user avatar
BayouTiga13 months
LSUsince74 must have a 'loser life' to throw bricks at a kid who stuck it out.
user avatar
lsuson13 months
Wish him luck. He just couldn’t shed the weight.
user avatar
Best of luck to the young man. He gave it his best and got his degree here.
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Scotcho Libre13 months
Last day to enter the portal in this window. Here is a player who tried to stick with his team to the bitter end, but finally had to make a move. I hope he finds a coach who believes in him and it ignites a fire within him.
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Yeti_Chaser13 months
He confirmed to Tiger Droppings?
user avatar
Drizzt13 months
Props to Kardell. The man competed for years. Hope he does well
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