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Ross Dellenger with The Advocate is reporting that LSU will no longer allow opposing bands to perform at Tigers Stadium during halftime.

“It’s a safety issue,” Bonnette told The Advocate. “We don’t have room down there for both bands. In order for bands to perform at half, they’ve got to come down to the field before the first half ends. That’s a lot of people on the sideline.”

Bonnette declined comment when asked whether there have been any sideline incidents between opposing band members or between band members and LSU fans. None has been reported, but the new policy would prevent potential skirmishes.
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biggwill96 months
What an embarrassment! Certainly we can figure out a way to get the damn band down on the field. If the state is trying to save money do away with the stupid Risk Management program.
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Spankum96 months
Not sure exactly what is going on with this...but the safety excuse sounds like bullshite to me. hopefully, there is some legit reason behind it all...
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jrodLSUke96 months
The thing that should really piss you off is that LSU is flat out lying to us. It's not a safety issue, that is total BS. This is 100% about money and nothing more.
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DGAD96 months
It's a shame ya'll won't get to see the JSU Marching Southerners.
user avatar
Sweet daddy96 months
Just get a DJ from one of the frat houses to stand in for the visiting band at half time this will kill two birds with one stone . Bama can bring a Tuba , Bass Drum , and a symbol we will furnish the rest .
user avatar
TigerintheNO96 months
I blame Bama's band Image Link
user avatar
KillTheGophers96 months
This is not good for college football. If the visiting team's band wants to play they should be allowed to play.
user avatar
Random LSU Hero96 months
Sucks, I kinda enjoy aTm band. This whole thing smells fishy
user avatar
Speedy G96 months
Marching bands should stay home and not waste the resources it takes for them to travel.
user avatar
Cheesy Beaver96 months
good frick everyone else
user avatar
sml7196 months
What safety issues have been caused by opposing bands being on the field? Looks like a cure without a problem.
user avatar
Catman8896 months
Guess we get more Latin flair. M
user avatar
austintexastiger96 months
just more of the killing of college football traditions and atmosphere and now our full band will not be allowed to go to any other SEC stadiums
user avatar
Tomeaux96 months
This is about turn about is fair play. I have been to other SEC campuses and they did not LSU's Golden Band perform even when we brought the whole band. Er go - their bands do not see the field in Tiger Stadium. Geaux Tigers
user avatar
eugene1928LSU96 months
Not another band I care to listen to than the TGBFTL, especially in Tiger Stadium. Non Issue.
user avatar
vodkacop96 months
Why the hell would I want to see any band perform at halftime except TGBFTL? That's stupid.
user avatar
cajuncarguy96 months
What a bunch of cry babies! Is this part of the nannies taking over the band?
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