Check out this 2-minute hype video that LSU's Leonard Fournette tweeted out on Tuesday afternoon.

Music by Young Jeezy.

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Gumbo195 months
LF7 is one of those rare unicorns. A once in a decade (or more) running back and athlete. Yet, a very humble person.
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eugene1928LSU96 months
Great video, hope we have 3 minutes worth this year on the worthless gumps
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Walt OReilly96 months
Pretty cool Jeezy retweeted it
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Hugo Stiglitz96 months
Best viewed in mute mode.
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DoubleDown96 months
@Schmelly clearly Derrick Henry can do everything LF can do and more.
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tigerbutt96 months
Most of Derrick Henry's work was done by his offensive line. Dope.
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Nix to Twillie96 months
Zero escapability. Poor man's Brandon Jacobs.
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Hook Em Horns96 months
but where are the highlights against bama??
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JesuitBlueJay95 months
Hook Em Horns, Does your entire team have any highlights at all from your consecutive losing seasons? Still a bunch of pompous asses while getting your clocks cleaned in inferior conference. Keep looking at our star player because you don't have any of your own, loser.
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Schmelly96 months
Nobody on the planet has the gear he hits @1:47
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BabyTac96 months
Bad song, incomplete video, great tailback.
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Corch Urban Myers96 months
:57, Kid's got a good left hook
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GRTiger96 months
My God, it's beautiful.
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Look at the holes he was getting in those early games. The line got extremely worn down in the season. I wonder why?
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Cadello96 months
Lost his favorite fullback
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Jon Ham96 months
Crazy combo of speed and power. He's the first RB who ever reminded me of McFadden.
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theBru96 months
Figgered out 1 thing, LF7 is lot better @ football than young jeez em is @ music...GEAUX TIGAHS...
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lilmoonlsu96 months
Only man who can stop Leonard Fournette is Leonard Fournette
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Or Brandon Harris
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Cosmo96 months
Or Nick Saban
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ellunchboxo96 months
That's the worst song I've ever heard
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Mansa Musa96 months
Thank God we don't have to watch your hype video.
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Sampson96 months
Stops right before he breaks a huge one against Cuse lol
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