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ESPN College Football analyst Kirk Herbstreit talked about LSU's season-opening loss to Mississippi State during Monday's episode of the CFB Podcast with Herbie, Pollack & Negandhi and defended quarterback Myles Brennan. Per 247Sports:

I want to give Myles Brennan and this offense a chance to just kind of get through a game or two. And you imagine the shoes that he stepped into, in that stadium? That is tough. And now you've got fans that are going to be like, 'This guy sucks. I mean, what are we doing with this guy?' And they need to just take a deep breath and be realistic. Unfortunately, they can't do that. Fans can't do that with what they saw last year. And it might not get, eventually, to that — they might get to where they're executing better. But cut Myles Brennan some slack, man. That is a tough ask."

Brennan completed 27 of 46 passes (58.7 percent) for 345 yards and three touchdowns to two interceptions. Head coach Ed Orgeron defended Brennan during a halftime interview in the end zone with CBS reporter Jamie Erdahl.

"He's running around for his life back there," Orgeron said. "We're not protecting very well. He had some drops. I don't think he's played that bad."
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At least Brennan wasn't crying about his performance.
Reply28 days
46 passes, RUN THE DAMN BALL!!!
Reply28 days
Brennan has some drops but the issue was that he throws a duck
Reply28 days
What are you talking about? You can say many things, he does not throw ducks.
27 days
The one thing missing in that game is the tempo it need to be elevated and Brennan need to play faster by reading Defense and executing in a timely manner the clock need to start clicking in his head right after the snap. Should see a better showing in the next game.
Reply29 days
sometimes he was running around by himself. He ran away several times when he could have easily stepped up to pass or run or just stood there. He truly got scared several times for no reason.
Reply30 days
How does Pelini get a pass? Maybe the worst prepared, and game execution that I have witnessed from LSU in some time. TERRIBLE!
Reply30 days
I agree, both Offense & Defense looked confused & at times helpless! The D was truly horrendous, they knew what was coming (MSU only had 9 Yds rushing) & still didn’t have a clue how to stop MSU! We should START the discussion about the awful football we witnessed with the grown men that make MILLIONS before turning on the young men that are obviously trying their best.
29 days
Unbelievable that anyone thinks "happy feet" is the answer. I hope, but doubt it.
Reply30 days
STFU - it was the guys 1ST start for Christ sake. Are you perfect or even decent at something the 1ST time you attempt it?
29 days
Brennan is too slow to have "happy feet". LOL! I saw guys open during the plays they showed on replay from the end zone cameras where he held the ball TOO LONG and he never pulled the trigger. He just looked God awful. The ONLY plays he looked good on were the obvious 1st choice plays...quick slants, flat passes, etc. Where he actually had to scan the field and find open receivers AND release the ball, God awful! And I don't think we even need to mention the "throw the ball up for grabs in the endzone" that should have been an INT if not for an amazing play by Gilbert who wasn't even who the target was.
29 days
he's running for his life because he holds onto the ball for far too long
Reply30 days
Yeah, funny he had time to double and triple clutch several times. The OL was not outstanding but you are 100& correct...Brennan didn't know where to go with the ball which explains guys waving for the ball time and time again.
30 days
It seemed to me like he knew where to go, he just second/triple guessed himself... maybe because it didn't look like it did in practice, idk. Considering it's been half a decade since his last start, it would have been nice to start this year with a cupcake.
30 days
U nailed that one, burrow didn't hold on to the ball that long, look right look left throw or no one open ok run. Brennan thinks ummmmmm qb don't run. Damn joe burrow was good tho. Was hoping to see another qb like Joe
30 days
I’m pretty sure the “doesn’t have the protection” argument was debunked.
Reply30 days
No the line got manhandled !!
28 days
Hes right. The embarrassment is the defense.
Reply30 days
Was Cuck Herbstreit cry'n?
Reply30 days
If he wasn’t crying he didn’t really mean it
30 days
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