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Fox Sports College Football analyst Joel Klatt released his 2023 College Football Preseason Top 25 this week and ranked LSU at No. 7.

LSU was one of five teams from the SEC included in his Top 25.

1. Georgia
2. Michigan
3. Ohio State
4. Alabama
5. Penn State
6. Washington
7. LSU
8. USC
9. Clemson
10. Florida State
11. Utah
12. Tennessee
13. Oregon
14. Texas
15. Oregon State
16. Oklahoma
17. Kansas State
18. Notre Dame
19. TCU
20. Ole Miss
21. North Carolina
22. Iowa
23. Wisconsin
24. Texas Tech
25. UCLA

The Tigers were ranked No. 5 in the Preseason Coaches Poll released on Monday.
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user avatar
Sissidog0210 months
Klatt, Homer much, but wait he’s so smart - smug more like it, just call the games dude, we can take our own IQ test, have another piece of avocado toast dweeb
He knows the SEC rules! But gotz to tow that company line sheep
user avatar
mla010010 months
Come on Klatt, the SEC DOMINATES the Recruiting Rankings, the NFL Draft, and the College Football Playoffs! Stop being a Big 10 Homer!
user avatar
jvilardo10 months
Tenner will nor like this one either.
user avatar
Saunson6910 months
Penn St is so slow and white. Same with Washington. Neither have had half the players drafted last decade as LSU.
user avatar
mla010010 months
Every year Kmart pads his ranking with Big 10 teams, only to watch the SEC teams dominate. His affiliation with the Big 10 is evident and makes his Poll laughable. He doesn’t seem to understand, it affects his credibility? He has now become a joke….
user avatar
BayouBengal9910 months
I think it’s reasonable but maybe slightly bias which is fine since that’s the area he covers and knows, is confident in. Those teams have proven they are stable programs over the years with exception of maybe Michigan being the least of them besides last year. Anyone from the SEC footprint would probably do the same for the SEC.
user avatar
VOR10 months
Klatt has been very favorable toward SEC and LSU when interviewed on tv.
user avatar
Sissidog0210 months
No the SEC doesn’t need a bias they prove it on the field no matter how hard the fluff journalist try to make you look over here
user avatar
rileytiger10 months
This looks like a little kids preseason poll!
user avatar
CajunBullet10 months
Does Klatt's Preseason Poll mean anything to anyone other than Klatt?
user avatar
VaeVictus10 months
Klatt hates the SEC so much.
user avatar
VOR10 months
He does not hate the SEC. When asked, he has said it’s the strongest conference, top to bottom
user avatar
ELLSSUU10 months
Proof that you don’t need to be smart to be on TV
user avatar
CanebreakCajun10 months
This guy and Danny Crynell should have a powwow.
user avatar
Sissidog0210 months
I thought they were the same, they’ve made a career of puffing up other conferences with moral victories to only whittle away in January when the SEC runs away with the crystal ball
user avatar
OchoDedos10 months
Joel made sure he got those PAC 4 and Big 25 teams in his top 10
user avatar
TigahJay10 months
5 PAC teams in top 15? Lol
user avatar
Oyster10 months
Preseason polls are like assholes everyone has one.
user avatar
biohzrd10 months
I always just laugh at these polls. If you truly want your top 4 every year, just pick the best 4 teams from the SEC, and then the also ran.

This is why I can’t wait for the expanded playoff format. When the final four are always sec teams that blew out the teams from other conf, these polls will change.
user avatar
benoit47910 months
Washington and Penn State ahead of us? really?
user avatar
MT55510 months
user avatar
BadaBingBadaBoom10 months
Washington? Lmao
user avatar
jiffyjohnson10 months
what am i missing about washington?
user avatar
TigerCoon10 months
you're missing that Joel Klatt is a retard
user avatar
dstone1210 months
So the dad from Chrissly Knows best is now a voter. Great.
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