Wilson Alexander of The Advocate provided an update on suspended LSU running back Trey Holly on Tuesday.

Holly is currently serving an indefinite suspension after he was arrested in connection with a shooting earlier this year in Union Parish. He was facing three charges that included attempted second-degree murder.

A Grand Jury rejected the attempted murder charge against him on April 5 but still charged him with one felony count of illegal use of a weapon.

Holly pleaded not guilty to that charge on Tuesday.

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Bucky_B1 month
its really not about whether he did it or not. its about putting a bad spot on the school's name. it seems like all too often when a kid gets into this kind of trouble, it happens again and again. I dont know him and I dont know what kind of person he is. But past problems with students like this always end up with the same kid getting back into trouble.
I am willing to give people the benefit of the doubt and forgive transgressions. maybe he did nothing wrong and this was a mistake, but get in trouble again after all this is over and you might as well transfer.
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Treydye081 month
A jury from union parish will not find him guilty, they think he hung the moon around here. I hear there is video evidence
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KING NOLA1 month
A lot of y’all forgot, it’s innocent until proven guilty not guilty until proven innocent.
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Spankum1 month
His attorney (Mike Small) is legendary in central Louisiana. Typically only takes on very serious cases and has been very successful
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BeatBamaBad1 month
I tried the burned body case with him after Hurricane Katrina. He is arguably the best criminal defense attorney in the state of Louisiana. Very impressed with his skills as a trial attorney.
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SOL21 month
Holly will be back
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Gus Tinsley1 month
Not soon ....if ever
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ColdTurkey1 month
I realize you can't just base someone's actions on what you perceive their character to be, but Trey has always seemed like such a a good kid going back to high school. I pray that this is a lesson he learns from and he's able to put this behind him and focus on his athletic career soon. I feel like we forget these players are young men still learning the ways of the world, and many of them come from rough neighborhoods. I hope Trey's story is a successful one. He seems to really care about his hometown and would be a great story that would give hope to a lot of kids in Farmerville if he can get it together and KEEP it together. I'm rooting for you, Trey.
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TheRouxGuru1 month
Would you say the same if he played for ole miss or bama? Doubtful
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Recoveringcajun1 month
So he didn’t commit “attempted murder”

Her merely feloniously illegally used a weapon.
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saint tiger2251 month
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PureBlood1 month
He should've been charged with Agg Battery and Illegal Use.
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GoneFishing211 month
He pleaded not guilty.
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