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During Monday's press conference, head coach Ed Orgeron was asked about he spent the bye weekend away from football...

Q. I know you said the players had the weekend off. I know how long the season is is a grind for you and the coaching staff. Can you give me a little window; did you have any downtime this weekend? Could you tell me anything that you did that was kind of enjoyable that was non-football related for a few days?

COACH ORGERON: Thursday night, Kelly and I left. I kept my company truck at home. I drove her car, where usually I'm only allowed to drive it on Sundays to church. Put some country music on.

Put, I don't know what they call it, T-top, moonroof, put it down and went as fast as I can down the highway to Lake Charles.

We went to dinner Thursday night with my family. We went to the (McNeese) Cowboys game on Saturday and came back Sunday morning. I had a great weekend.
Orgeron also added that he didn't get a single phone call while the players were off this weekend, which is always good news.

Obviously they went home for the weekend. Everybody's back and ready to go, and my phone didn't ring one time. That means everybody's in good shape and that's much appreciated by the head coach, I promise you.
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user avatar
NASA_ISS_Tiger53 months
Buddy of mine's son got a picture with CEO at the MSU game. You could tell that kid was proud...grinning from ear to ear with Coach O.
user avatar
CFFreak53 months
Pure class Coach O is. I’ll take him over anyone else.
user avatar
Geauxld Finger53 months
Truck = black Yukon Denali
user avatar
BabyTac53 months
He talks like us!
user avatar
Relham1053 months
"Company truck"??
user avatar
castorinho53 months
user avatar
XbengalTiger53 months
Yep, Saban got a Mercedes in his contract. Coach O got him a Truck.
user avatar
CHEDBALLZ53 months
Hes running a slick-line rig for Schlumberger in his off time.
user avatar
jimbeam53 months
Straawwwwberrrry wiiiiiiiiiinnnneeee
user avatar
Black n Gold53 months
Something tells me Ed is leaving out a portion of his night :pimp:
user avatar
SomeLSUguy53 months
I cannot tell you how relieved I was to get on and see no headlines of Tigers getting in trouble this weekend... Culture.
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