ESPN Draft analyst Todd McShay was on "First Take" Tuesday and talked about the possibility of the Miami Dolphins trading up to get LSU quarterback Joe Burrow in the upcoming NFL Draft:

(Video: ESPN)
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rob6253 months
Burrow came to LSU in 2018 just 6 weeks before LSU opened with Miami in Dallas. He didn't even know the whole offense but started and led LSU to a 10-3 record, a NY6 Fiesta Bowl win, and a #6 finish in the final polls. Then in 2019 Burrow was settled in and led LSU to a 15-0 record, an SEC Title, and a National Title. Burrow was 25-3 in 2 years at LSU. Hardly a 1 year wonder as some of these idiots continue to say. The same dumbasses have no problem pumping up a 5'11" Tua who has been injured 5 times and missed 8 games in the last 2 years including his hip injury. It is just stupid.
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The Belk53 months
Andy Dalton 2.0?
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SidetrackSilvera53 months
How much makeup is Todd wearing?
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HoustonGumbeauxGuy53 months
Lots of makeup and he’s storing acorns in his cheeks
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BayouTiga53 months
S.A. will NOT admit he was not prepared (didn't do homework) on Burrow prior to making that ridiculous statement, #6 finish first year at the helm. TWO YEAR WONDER if you want to be a pencil dick S.A.!
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tygersgm53 months
I’m not sure you wrote even one complete sentence
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chinco banditos53 months
Never noticed McShay's weird giggle before.
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FLBooGoTigs153 months
Pure smoke. Cincy can't be that stupid. Their fans would riot if they dont choose the hometown kid.
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LSU$$$53 months
the Bengals have fans?
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Big Sway53 months
Would be epic!
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wesman2153 months
Love how he shut Stephen A up. No response, RIGHT STEPHEN??!?!?
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CajunBullet53 months
Normally it takes an Act of Congress to shut up Stephen Arse Smith up!
user avatar
cheeser53 months
frick Stephen A . Period
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Capo53 months
Tired of the one year wonder bullshite they keep pulling out of their arse. He led LSU to a #6 ranking last year after transferring very late in the process. They just weren’t paying attention. After winning over the team, he worked hard and had the greatest season in the history of college football. He smoked Clemson’s defense a year after Clemson’s defense smoked Tua. Two full seasons is a pretty decent sample size.
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Zeek53 months
Yeah and mentioning Jamarcus Russell who had poor conditioning. And was rumored to have fallen in love with the purple drink. I don't think Burrow is going to start using drugs.
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Samso53 months
Mcshay looks terrible
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Rougaroux53 months
Getting fat
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Kreg Jennings53 months
Getting? More like is
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Tonio53 months
I don’t think it’s that I think he swollen from some kind of medication. Maybe press corticosteroid
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Hangit53 months
Yeah, and Brady is going to Miami for his last season, to allow Joe to flourish under his tutelage.
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Mr. Hangover53 months
They do this shite every year. They throw out a bunch of plausible, but improbable predictions that never come to fruition just to keep the mystique of the #1 pick.. it’s obvious and getting old
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chadr0753 months
It’s what they are paid to do. Wish I could get paid good money to make unlikely predictions.
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thejudge53 months
Chad... Be a weatherman
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