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ESPN Staff Writer Adam Rittenberg recently published an article titled "players, coaches, and storylines that will dominate spring" and included LSU's search for a playmaker at the quarterback position.

Can LSU find a quarterback?

The most significant assistant coaching move on the Bayou wasn't the one that gave defensive coordinator Dave Aranda $10 million in guaranteed salary. While Aranda's future at LSU is secure, head coach Ed Orgeron's might not be if he can't solve the program's lingering quarterback problem. Orgeron's decision to part ways with offensive coordinator Matt Canada and elevate Steve Ensminger to the position likely will make or break his Tigers' tenure. Ensminger seems like the guy Orgeron wanted all along after helping LSU's offense down the stretch in 2016. Sophomore Myles Brennan and redshirt freshman Lowell Narcisse are the top QB candidates along with Justin McMillan. Recent history isn't on LSU's side but if Ensminger can get this right, the Tigers will be a real threat in the SEC West.
Brennan, a highly recruited player in the 2017 recruiting cycle, played in just six games last year- passing for 182 yards, for 1 touchdown, and 2 interceptions. He beat out McMillan and Narcisse for the backup role behind Danny Etling last season.

Narcisse, another highly recruited dual-threat QB in the 2017 class, is finally healthy after recovering from a significant knee injury he suffered just before his senior year of high school.

During a radio appearance a month ago, new LSU offensive coordinator Steve Ensminger said that Brennan will get the first snap when spring practice starts next week but added that Narcisse and McMillan will also get reps with LSU's first team.

The Tigers begin spring practice on Sunday, March 11.

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TigerLunatik72 months
Harris was highly recruited too. Jennings was invited to the Elite 11 camp. None of that shite means anything until the game is on the line and the ball is in their hands.
user avatar
CharlesLSU72 months
And Baker Mayfield was a scrub out of H Ahhhhh.....recruiting
user avatar
Blob Fish72 months
Let’s be honest... probably not. Myles Brennan looks like a strong sneeze could break 2 of his ribs, and we have had absolutely no luck with QBs billed as duel threats. BUT I’ll be out there drinking, cheering, and hoping for the best like I always do.
user avatar
So what ? He gained 12-13 lbs of muscle in his first few months last year. He's tall enough to get to 200 range. Hell there's plenty of smaller qbs who have done well at the college level
user avatar
Barbellthor72 months
Brennan train.
user avatar
Shiftyplus172 months
Different year, same question.
user avatar
hg72 months
“Can LSU find a head coach?”
user avatar
Oyster72 months
I'm more of the opinion that the QB makes the Coach. I remember Brett Favre setting LSU up with a coach he made.
user avatar
BigPerm3072 months
Can LSU find a head coach? That’s the real question.
user avatar
voodooidotwo72 months
Let’s see, a guy who was our backup last year or a guy who has not seen a snap in over two years? Dumb question
user avatar
TaderSalad72 months
user avatar
The TurdBurglar72 months
Like clockwork
user avatar
ThaFreakyRobber72 months
Can LSU find a quarterback??? = NEVER HEARD THAT QUESTION BEFORE!!
user avatar
olgoi khorkhoi72 months
You’re going to keep hearing it until it is answered in the affirmative.
user avatar
MSH72 months
This is an easy one to answer: no.
user avatar
STRIPES72 months
Have you seen either QB play you idiot? Far and away Brennan is better at running the offense but there will be a place for both QBs to play. Myles Brennan is a MAJOR TALENT but dome of you are just oblivious to that reality. Imagine a QB who can actually PASS and has touch on the ball. Narcisse has a big arm but is wildly inaccurate. He can run some but has had both knees operated on and has not played much since his Sophomore year in High School. LSU fans are very fortunate to have Brennan. The guy is a tremendous tslent and is a leader. But I am sure it is just more fun for you and your type to be negative, stupid and act like a moron.
user avatar
deuce98572 months
Guy above me calls people idiots but then goes on to say Brennan runs the offense better when he has no facts to back that up. Where do you get that from? His high school film? His limited play last year where he looked like a deer in headlights that quickly tossed an INT in his limited play? If anything, the facts back up LSU sucks at QB evaluations and hasn't really had a solidifying one since Flynn who himself was probably just above-average. Mettenberger might be placed in that category if he didn't shite the bed so much in clutch time. The only big game Mett looked fantastic in was that Bama game that they somehow found a way to lose when he could throw no wrong in it. Still remember the nightmares from the 3-4 INT first half against Ole Piss with a defense that basically had their entire side suspended. Brennan might be good but it won't be this year. It will be down the line probably in a few years.
user avatar
OU81272 months
Look at the HC and take a guess.
user avatar
TigerstuckinMS72 months
Why start now?
user avatar
the paradigm72 months
Doesn’t matter how strong an arm he has, or how accurate he is. If he’s not able to get over 192 lbs. (which is apparently what he’s been stuck on), he won’t last long.
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