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LSU coach Ed Orgeron was on The Dan Patrick Show this week and talked about the moment he knew Joe Burrow was a special quarterback. Per The Spun:

“I do believe it was that 3rd and 17 against Texas,” Orgeron told Dan Patrick. “It was a blitz, we had to make a play. He dodged a rusher, made a big play, we scored a touchdown. I felt we had a winner in Joe that could make the big play in a big game.”

Orgeron also expressed his confidence in Burrow, saying “I always believed he could do it. He’s a very smart football player.”

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Same play I think of. It was the difference between Coach O and Leslie Miles. That defined our season. And you need to go back and watch the game. There is a end zone shot of the CFP trophy at the game. It was destiny for us.
Reply15 days
That was a terrific segment with Coach O (starts around 2:32:30). Coach O looks good, he's lost about 25 pounds and has a different hair-do. He's a GREAT AMBASSADOR for LSU.
Reply16 days
I agree! I knew this team was gonna be something special when Joe took that hit against UCF and got up and then lit them up! This year was just a dream come true!!!
Reply17 days
And remember, the later in the year we got, the better he adapted to that Iform offense. I think he would have still put up 3500 maybe 4000 yards with the same offense but maybe more trust in Burrow like they have him at the end. They simply needed to get on the same page as an offense. So I think Joe could play in any offense tbh. I also think that his first year helped him tremendously when it came to his second year. It will do the same for him in the NFL and that’s why I have no doubt that he will be successful. It’ll be up to Cincy on how successful he is.
Reply17 days
I knew it when he took the hit in the fiesta and came back out pissed off and we lit up the scoreboard. Said wow that dude has some moxie
Reply17 days
took that hit and then threw 4 TD's lol
17 days
I knew when joe said 40,50,60. People aremt going to believe it but this is a differemt offense
Reply17 days
that's when we all knew
Reply17 days
True = at that moment I said to myself - "wow - we got something special here."
17 days
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