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According to an email obtained by The Advocate, new interim coach Ed Orgeron has invited former LSU players to walk down Victory Hill with the team before home games on Saturday.

Former players are also invited to attend LSU's practices for the rest of the season.

“As many of you are aware, we have endured a major change on our LSU Football coaching staff. At this time, Head Coach Ed Orgeron will take over as commander and chief,” Kristen H. Cain, in charge of LSU’s special events & community relations, wrote in the email.

“After speaking with him briefly yesterday morning, his vision is to empower our former Tigers to feel welcomed back on campus,” the email, sent Tuesday morning, said. “Coach O would like to open practice to the former players for the rest of this season and would also like to make it available for our former players to lead the team down Victory Hill on game day. This will create the excitement that we all know follows the purple and gold and to continue the trend that we are all ‘Tigers for Life.’”
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Shiftyplus193 months
This is genius. Coach O has had some pretty damn good ideas in the short time he's been on the job.
user avatar
Black n Gold93 months
Coach O is trying to stake his claim as the greatest interim coach ever.
user avatar
BayouBengals1893 months
He's trying to get that interim tag taken off.
user avatar
MaHittaMaHitta93 months
This is a very good move by him since he is auditioning for the job next fall. He will get much support from boosters and former players by allowing this.
user avatar
Mouche33793 months
I'm really excited about this. Great idea. The excitement and energy levels will be thru the roof! I got pumped up just reading this. IS IT SATURDAY YET!!!
user avatar
Jenar Boy93 months
Hell Yeah!!!
user avatar
I bet T-Bob is aaaaallll over this!!!!!
user avatar
SoulGlo93 months
YAW YAAAAWWWWWW! I'm digging Coach O so far folks.
user avatar
DByrd293 months
I love the baw.
user avatar
LuzianaFootball93 months
I with it. Would love to see it work with Coach O.
user avatar
DWaginHTown93 months
Commander and chief?? I thought it was Commander in Chief.
user avatar
Patron Saint93 months
You are correct.
user avatar
Spankum93 months
Damn good is not often we see something new, but that is something that no one has done before. if we can get an NFL player or two that people recognize, that would be awesome. and...what better time to do it than homecoming!
user avatar
TWT93 months
No need to invite Eric Reid. He is busy sitting on the bench for the 49'ers. Thanks
user avatar
djangochained93 months
Kristen Hobbs Cain is smoking hot
user avatar
HarryBalzack93 months
Hello, Nolan.
user avatar
BabyTac93 months
Could cause a pretty big distraction. I'm all for former players having some influence but there is a time and place.
user avatar
Grim93 months
All of the good former players are too busy playing in the NFL. This will probably just attract a bunch of no names trying to relive their glory days
user avatar
Deltatiger93 months
And what's wrong with that??? Those are the guys that still work and live around the southeast and are ambassadors for the program. I hope they all take advantage of the opportunity.
user avatar
FournetteForEver793 months
Dont call demetrius byrd out like that!
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