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CBS Sports writer Dennis Dodd, along with Tom Fornelli, Ben Kercheval, Barrett and Sallee all picked LSU as their most "overrated team" in the SEC for the 2017 season.

Here's what they had to say:

Most overrated team:

LSU: Ed Orgeron's honeymoon will last until the final whistle of the first game LSU loses that it's not supposed to. And that will happen at some point. We know Orgeron was a popular -- but second -- choice. There are significant quarterback issues in a league that is getting at that position. Arden Key is a monster but has undergone at least one surgery in the offseason. There's a hiccup for the Tigers out there somewhere. How ugly will it get when it happens? -- Dennis Dodd (and Tom Fornelli, Ben Kercheval, Barrett Sallee)
The other teams that CBS thought were "overrated" in the SEC were Tennessee, Florida and Texas A&M.

However, the Vols and the Aggies were also in their "underrated" list along with Ole Miss, Mississippi State, South Carolina, and Arkansas.

Three CBS Writers projected LSU to finish 3rd in the SEC West, one predicted No. 2 finish and another had the Tigers finishing at 4th in the Western Division.
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user avatar
clemsonboy81 months
CBS Sports team looks like a bunch of Nostradamuses after last night's thrashing. 37-7. Ouch! A strong LSU team is good for college football, but the Tigers have a long way to go. They got pushed around on both sides of the ball.
user avatar
lathoroughbred82 months
They'll say anything for a buck. frick off
user avatar
xGeauxLSUx82 months
user avatar
STRIPES82 months
Well, that's it then. No need to play a single SEC game because the predicted order of finish has been determined. God has spoken.
user avatar
hill durham82 months
time will tell
user avatar
WallsAllAroundMe82 months
Since they feel this way, is it possible they can commit to not pick up ANY LSU games this year? Those 2:30pm kickoffs kill me
user avatar
Mouche33782 months
Haters gone hate. By season's end, they gone be back tracking like crawfish. Swearing up and down how they knew all along that LSU was gonna be great this year. Clowns...
user avatar
LSU-MNCBABY82 months
Or you'll be saying it's all coach Os fault and calling for his head.
user avatar
shotcaller182 months
Truth hurts corndogs
user avatar
timmeister82 months
You must be a Gump
user avatar
Port Royal82 months
Barrett Sallee cant take a breath without saying Alabama.
user avatar
Tactical182 months
He's right
user avatar
TigerMac8182 months
Anything that Barrett Sallee is connected with has to be taken with a grain of salt. If Nick Saban were to stop suddenly, this guy would give him an unexpected direct vision colonoscopy.
user avatar
MLCLyons82 months
He can't be that much of a homer, he picked UGA to win the SEC.
user avatar
Cadello82 months
2 teams were picked as over rated and same 2 as under rated. Hard to take these people serious.
user avatar
Pacito82 months
How are they overrated when they are picked 3rd in the west, in the pre-season polls? I would think there is a huge possibility of being underrated.
user avatar
LSU Coyote82 months
Would Agree
user avatar
reggieray42082 months
Gag on tddb, cbs
user avatar
Jdixon82 months
Really fake sports news!! CBS
user avatar
Gumbo182 months
Seems like they picked a lot of SEC teams here. And come on, even with our QB position, any half witted College football fan knows the SEC West is between LSU and Bama. Why does the SEC have a broadcast agreement with CBS? I wish they would switch to FOX. GEAUX TIGERS!!!
user avatar
Deltatiger82 months
"Seems like they picked a lot of SEC teams here" Because they get paid by clicks and by in large, nobody outside of the SEC even cares about CFB right now. So they throw something out there and people click on it. Period.
user avatar
BayouBengal9982 months
That's going to be funny when we run through most SEC teams this year. These sites are always Waaaayyy off.
user avatar
Barbellthor82 months
"Most obvious issues and rehashed stories 1, 2, and 3. Insert BIG QUESTION??" Hot take, CBS.
user avatar
TBoy82 months
Well then it's all uphill from here. Enjoy the ride.
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