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Bullgumbeaux37 months
The closer threw something like a half dozen soft tosses to the first baseman to keep a runner on that had not the slightest attention or ability to steal. It was a very strange sequence. And then he did that once too many times, when the first baseman was advancing toward home to cover a bunt. I wonder if anyone for Oregon knew that Belosso wasn't a threat to steal. What a way to just give it away.
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caliegeaux37 months
the throws over had zero to do with beloso attempting to steal. he was barely 2 steps off the base. they knew LSU was possibly attempting to squeeze, or safety squeeze.....the throws over were to have LSU's batter tip his hand on squaring off...and, to keep throwing over to potentially mess up LSU's timing in the even it was an squeeze, and not a safety.....miscommunication on the catcher's part lead them crashing the corners to stop the squeeze, but the pitcher threw to first without anyone covering the bag.
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BlackPot37 months
I'm not a baseball junkie, so I always try to see what caused the balk. Was it him not getting set? Or what was it?
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MiloTealeaf37 months
When attempting a pickoff or to keep the runner on first after coming set, the pitcher has to throw to first or third (not second - they can just fake that, I assume it is because no one is typically covering directly on 2nd base). Because they were expecting a bunt, the first baseman was running to try and cut it off, taking him away from the base - thus the pitcher couldn't throw directly to first as is required. That is my understanding anyways.
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tarzana37 months
Balk in a run...not too smart. At least he toss a Tiger's shoe into the outfield
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SuckFickNaban37 months
What was he even doing?
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ctiger6937 months
First baseman was charging the batter to get the bunt for the squeeze play. That is why he was not by the bag for the pitch.
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Celery37 months
Man, I feel bad for that dude’s parents.
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HeadSlash37 months
Pressure broke the pipe
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TheNolaClap37 months
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WhiskeyPlease37 months
Dint really need that balk Oregon was throwing pitches as fat as a basketball and vectoring in at 3 MPH. Haha
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txbd37 months
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tigerbutt37 months
Wouldcha look at thaat psst psst wouldcha look at thaat
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BeauxCFuss37 months
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djangochained37 months
chippy bran muffins?
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