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New "Voice of the Tigers" Chris Blair made his first call at an LSU event when the Baseball team took the field in the season opener against Cincinnati at Alex Box Stadium on Friday night.

In case you missed, you hear what it sounded like below:

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dreaux96 months
Amazing voice.
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oleheat96 months
Great job by CB!
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BestBanker96 months
You have to admit that CB has a great voice for Tiger's Baseball! Best wishes to you Chris, for a great inaugural season on the air!
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Big Sway96 months
Wow! He's gonna be a good one!
Great for LSU
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AlwaysPutsSeatDown96 months
That was 2 1/2 minutes of commercials!
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Pepe Lepew96 months
Good job Chris !!!!!
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Trout Bandit96 months
I can understand Hangriff being butthurt over not getting the job but Blair has a helluva voice and a great delivery.
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TheCaterpillar96 months
He's great
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Dubaitiger96 months
That sign on was perfect. What a voice
user avatar
CHEDBALLZ96 months
Blair did a great job.
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Purple Spoon96 months
JH called 8 victorious championship games in the big 3 and a few final fours. I hope Mr. Blair has that kind of opportunities.
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