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Former big league pitcher Curt Schilling did not hold back on whether LSU ace Paul Skenes should pitch on short rest tonight vs. Florida in the final College World Series Championship game.

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Vernonbrew2212 months
Would be nice if Thatcher went hit less for 7 then PS came in to exclamate things
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DeafVallyBatnR12 months
Paul Skense with a bloody sock.
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CajunBullet12 months
Get her done Mr. Skenes!
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SRSMITH55512 months
In 1974 Nolan Ryan threw 235 pitches in a game against the Red Sox, he started another game 3 days later, pitching 6 scoreless innings. But the lack of rest tore a ligament in his arm 19 years later on September 22, 1993.
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southsidedell12 months
I was gonna say wasnt he like 137 when he retired? And with modern medicine today man...
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theBru12 months
It's really simple, when you're the best pitcher in college baseballl & the season is on the line, you take the f'ing BALL!
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atltiger648712 months
the entire concept of rest for a pitcher is for a long season. When we’re at the end, just throw, regardless of rest. They won’t destroy their arm.
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LesnarF512 months
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Geaux Guy12 months
3.88 days and it's freaking championship time. Athletes work their entire careers to be able to push themselves during these times...
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Curt is a real dude. Let’s geaux!
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BRgetthenet12 months
Let’s f’n GEAUX
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drexyl12 months
frick yeah
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TigerinKorea12 months
Well then it’s settled.
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panzer12 months
Joe Burrow sits out 2019 championship game because he has a sore arm. That happened right? This entire line of thinking is fantastically stupid. Skenes will pitch or he is laying dead somewhere.
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ChineseBandit5812 months
Skenes will pitch or he is laying dead somewhere
/\ my take on this situation /\
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75503Tiger12 months
Johnson is laying dead somewhere if he tries to hold him
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Trout Bandit12 months
He ain't lying.
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tucoco12 months
Curt Schilliing is the foremost expert on this matter, and if he's sayin Skenes is good to go, Skenes is good to go! Roll him out there and let's do this! GEAUX Tigers!!
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