This High School Kid Got A Flag For Frog Splashing A Lineman
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports
I've never quite seen a take down like this...
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SeanLSU28 months
I literally laughed out loud at this for a good while. That is awesome!
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jlbasm28 months
Home training on display. Pure dumbass
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Gumbo128 months
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StupidBinder28 months
Ref comes running into the frame looking like “wtf did I just watch?”
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ImBatman28 months
Big ole lineman got up and probably beat his arse but the video stopped. Funny shite though.
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DeafVallyBatnR28 months
That was actually pretty funny
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panzer28 months
I would have ejected him for that.
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Billy Mays28 months
Pathetic - could have hurt the other kid. All for social media upvotes.
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QJenk28 months
Pretty funny. I laughed. The kid would still be running til he pukes on Monday though.
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Wolfhound4528 months
A blatant hold and then a wrestling move. I actually laughed.
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LSUMaverick28 months
You know all his teammates will pat him on the helmet and say "its alright". Instead of being pissed at him for the stupid move that caused a penalty.
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mikedatyger28 months
Sad state of humanity.
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ListenLindaLSU28 months
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