Iowa High School Football Coach Turned Himself In To Police After He Threatened To Kill Referee
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports
Lincoln High School (Des Moines) head coach Jason Storm recently resigned and turned himself into police after threatening to kill a referee. The 44-year old Storm went off the rails when a dangerous helmet-to-helmet hit on the team’s quarterback, who is also Storm’s son, went unpenalized...

Per WHO-TV...

The criminal complaint in the case claims Storm left the sideline and threatened Zahnle, saying he was going to “f—–g kill him” due to the missed call. It also says Storm had to be “physically restrained from attacking the Head Official by other members of the coaching staff and he had to be escorted out of the Valley Football Stadium due to his aggressive behavior.”

According to the complaint, Storm apologized for his actions, which disrupted the game.

Storm resigned his coaching position and his attorney says he is trying to take responsibility.

“Mr. Storm is deeply embarrassed by the situation. He voluntarily resigned because he hopes this situation doesn’t become a distraction for his team,” said attorney Gary Dickey.
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Hangit53 months
I may be wrong but I don't consider this a big deal, with the exception of storming the field. Coaches probably say they want to kill a ref about 2500 times, per weekend. There are rules in place to handle his actions and they should be enforced. No LEO's and DA's need get involved.
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At the end of the day, it's just a damn game. People take sports way too serious.
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Black n Gold53 months
Never going to happen, but schools need get back to hiring men who are teachers first, and coaches second. People say there is no harm in building $2M high school stadiums and paying HS coaches $120k, but it cultivates a culture of win at all cost. Old man rant: [off] on.
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drdoct53 months
Typical daddy ball. I'm willing to bet if the qb hadn't been his son, he wouldn't have been near as irate.
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mizbayou153 months
Information provided fails to mention the son had concussions the year before. Definitely a dirty play.
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WorkinDawg53 months
Well the ref did miss obvious helmet to helmet
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Drizzt53 months
Officials are pussies. They act like they are God in the field then want to press charges for something where they were obviously wrong.
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