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Golf Digest has published an excerpt from Billy Watters' upcoming book Gambler: Secrets from a Life at Risk. In the book he reveals just how much golf star Phil Mickelson has bet over the years and it's pretty astounding...

• He bet $110,000 to win $100,000 a total of 1,115 times.

• On 858 occasions, he bet $220,000 to win $200,000. (The sum of those 1,973 gross wagers came to more than $311 million.)

• In 2011 alone, he made 3,154 bets—an average of nearly nine per day.

• On one day in 2011 (June 22), he made forty-three bets on major-league baseball games, resulting in $143,500 in losses.
Phil Mickelson, one of the most famous people in the world and a man I once considered a friend, refused to tell a simple truth that he shared with the FBI and could have kept me out of prison. I never told him I had inside information about stocks and he knows it. All Phil had to do was publicly say it. He refused.

The outcome cost me my freedom, tens of millions of dollars and a heartbreak I still struggle with daily. While I was in prison, my daughter committed suicide—I still believe I could have saved her if I’d been on the outside.

While this excerpt focuses solely on our betting relationship, my book explores how Phil finagled his way out of not one, but two cases that ended in criminal convictions. As my book makes clear, Phil is not always the person he seems to be.
(The Big Lead)
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SwampyWaters10 months
I"ve always liked Phil, but I'm not surprised he had another side of him because sometimes he acted too perfect.
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CanebreakCajun10 months
A billion huh?
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SLAP9910 months
Didn't know Phil was in the furniture business.
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atltiger648710 months
if he's betting money line, he's probably around 50%. So sure, he loses money and may have an occasional terrible days, but with those large number of bets, he's 50-50. Of course, he lost money due to the vig, but it sounds like he makes the same or similar bets an awful lot. Risk spreading.
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sportjunkie6910 months
F.I.G.J.A.M. at it again. Look it up.
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real turf fan10 months
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Basura Blanco10 months
A convicted felon claims he didn't do it. Fascinating.
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cajunmud10 months
Yeah...the cops and prosecutors never frame anyone and juries always get it right.
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GoRuckTiger10 months
My God at the amount of money he threw away. If you’re already filthy rich what’s the point in gambling? Never understood the mindset of someone who seemingly has everything but craves even more. In the end you’re never gonna beat the odds for an entire lifetime of gambling.
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ALhunter10 months
It's the thrill of the risk... they are paying to feel that little adrenaline kick that comes from the risk.
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TigerCoon10 months
man said "gambled", not "lost"
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TeddyPadillac10 months
it doesn't say he gambled 1 billion away genius. Hell i was looking at my FanDuel statement the other day. Just for this year i've bet like $15k. I put $200 into FD in November. I still haven't put any more money into it, yet i've made $15k in bets the last 8 months. I'm only making $10/$15 bets at a time. Phil's making $100k bets, so 100x's more than i bet. He also makes like 300x's more money than me annually.
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GeauxTigers010710 months
This isn't gonna surprise alot of people I assume
user avatar
TDTOM10 months
Phil is a piece of shite. Everybody knows this.
user avatar
DeafVallyBatnR10 months
Phil gambles his own money. Phil pays his own bills. Phil works and lives his own life. Phil has a lot of money. Phil has no idea who you are. You have no idea who Phil is personally.
user avatar
Bucktail110 months
Mickelson is known to be one of the nicest people in sports. He loves interacting with fans. Quit making shite up
user avatar
DeafVallyBatnR10 months
Rory Fans just can't stomach Phil winning more than little Rory. I dont like Rory because of things he has said but I don't think he is a piece of shite. I mean he only has a High School degree and really doesn't understand what he is talking about.
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