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Former golf pro and social media influencer Paige Spiranac recently opened up about the best and worst parts of her job in an interview with Betsperts. The best parts...

“The best part of my job is being able to connect with so many people around the world. I’ve had some amazing interactions with my followers who share stories about how I helped them with their mental health or parents talking about how I got their daughters into golf.”

...“I’m so lucky I get to work with so many cool companies and I get to play around with their products.”

“I really value this aspect of my job, especially as someone who struggled financially at times growing up and not having clubs and golf accessories accessible to me.”
And the worst parts...

"The hate. I’m a public figure which means anyone can comment on every aspect of my life, my opinions, my content, and my body," Spiranac said. "I’ve developed some thick skin and spent so much money on therapy to help me cope. I’m used to it now but there are times that it’s pretty intense where it will still get to me."
"Stalkers, blackmail, lack of privacy. I went through a stretch this year where I was afraid to leave my house and was quite uncomfortable going in public," she explained. "I didn’t feel like I could live a normal life anymore. I went to a wedding after a stressful work trip and wanted to let loose. I was pounding some shots and having a great time until I noticed 4 guys videotaping me and taking pictures."
(Via The Spun)
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user avatar
Tiger in Co17 months
Just show us the rack
user avatar
Bourre17 months
Too many words, not enough pictures
user avatar
Eli Goldfinger17 months
user avatar
Paradiddler17 months
My favorite part involves her showing off dem tittays
user avatar
ncinthenext317 months
She called it a job.
user avatar
Irish Knuckles17 months
helping people's mental health? is that what we're calling it now?
user avatar
gpttigers17 months
It must be a hard life to exploit your body on social media then get upset when they make comments about it. There is a way to fix that.
user avatar
smash williams17 months
user avatar
Redbone17 months
I'd like to help make her happy by connecting with her for a few minutes. I'd prolly bust a nut just touching dem mammaries.
user avatar
3PieceSpicy17 months
Never understood why people brag about being premature ejaculators.
user avatar
SelaTiger17 months
Her favorite part is showing them titties off.
user avatar
Dingeaux17 months
what exactly is her job?
user avatar
JackieTreehorn17 months
I know what the best 2 parts are.
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