Golfer Paige Spiranac is back with another golf lesson and this one isn't exactly for everyone...

How to swing with a big chest In all seriousness I get this question a ton so hopefully this helps! They can get in the way but once you get the the right set up it’s bombs away! Here’s to massive drives and massive t*ts…I mean tips!

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Jabontik12 months
Now I know how to get on top of that mommy milker, thanks Paige!
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caliegeaux12 months
one of these days i'll watch one of her videos while not muted.................maybe
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wallowinit12 months
She knows what's up. No qualms about it. It's what separates her from the rest and why I like her besides her looks.
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Luckydog12 months
She is the best
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ThatTahoeOverThere12 months
Now do big nuts
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CajunBullet12 months
"Chest Nuts"! LOL
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Tips instead of tits. Good one. We're not stupid though we know you mean tits.
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tigersbh12 months
Larry seems obsessed with this woman.
user avatar
Warwick12 months
so pathetic, as if theres even females watching her
user avatar
Richard Grayson12 months
This is just getting pathetic for everyone involved.
user avatar
bengalman12 months
user avatar
jdd4812 months
She certainly has one of those 2 massives will under control.
user avatar
Xhero12 months
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