What do you do when you think people are eating your brains? You take them on a wild car chase through a golf course. This week on "Only In Florida"...


Police have released a dash cam video showing a wild ride taken Sunday in a stolen Community Watch vehicle in The Villages.

The supervisor’s Community Watch SUV was stolen at about 9:30 a.m. near the Boone Gate on the Historic Side of The Villages. A gate attendant had grown concerned when a suspicious man approached him and claimed someone was “eating his brains.” A Community Watch supervisor arrived on the scene and while he was out of his vehicle, the man stole it and drove away.

The suspect has been identified as 29-year-old Jessie Charles Webb, who was determined to be wanted on two Georgia warrants. He is facing numerous charges and has been booked on $34,000 bond at the Lake County Jail.
(Terez Owens)
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Fightin Okra62 months
Playing through
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Capital Cajun62 months
1. Edit the title, it makes no sense. 2. That was a pretty boring video.
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honeybadger0762 months
Great title Larry
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TDFreak62 months
Not Florida Man. This was crazy Georgia Man.
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GaDawg997762 months
Hope they replaced divots.
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Hangit62 months
The Villages is a retirement community of elderly. They have the highest, per capita, ratio of gonorrhea in the U.S. When the old men get ready to pop a Viagra, they put on a light blue shirt and ride around on their golf carts until they find a willing old lady.
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Filmat1162 months
With the rain, they really should have been playing cart paths only!
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holmesbr62 months
90 deg rule at least.
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MrKnowItAll62 months
"Looks like he had a little trouble with that sand trap on 6, Jim"
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Fearless_and_True62 months
Trailers on a golf course.. man, land has been inflated in price
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