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Future dates for SEC games in 2024 have been slowly leaking over the last two weeks, and now Georgia's full slate for next season is set, according to

Here's what it looks like:

8/31 Clemson (in Atlanta)
9/7 Tennessee Tech
9/14 @ Kentucky
9/21 Bye
9/28 @ Alabama
10/5 Auburn
10/12 Miss State
10/19 @ Texas
10/26 Bye
11/2 Florida
11/9 @ Ole Miss
11/16 Tennessee
11/23 UMass
11/30 Georgia Tech
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Drizzt3 months
They aren’t in the cupcake East anymore. No more Vandy and SC.
user avatar
lwood3 months
Dang, playing Bama in regular season!
user avatar
SLAP993 months
Leaked pffft. SEC communications department hired a 13 year old and finally figured out social media. Why release all the schedules at once when you can "leak" for weeks.
user avatar
TNoon3 months
Who cares
user avatar
goodgrin3 months
2 bye weeks?
user avatar
Hmbre973 months
Nice of them to schedule a bye after Texas so they can heal up after getting their asses kicked
user avatar
soccerfüt3 months
Four away of 12 total games: UK, Bama, Texas, & Ole Miss
10-2 is the floor
user avatar
jbird73 months
Just release all of em at this point. What’s the point in waiting? Clearly they’re all finished.
user avatar
RECConspiracy3 months
Has anyone ever heard of scheduling a bye week that early? I wonder why.
user avatar
Rex Feral3 months
Back in the day, there were usually two off weeks. One early and one late in the season
user avatar
LSUgrad883 months
You have two next year. Wouldn’t want them both in November.
user avatar
Chicken3 months
Finally, a difficult regular season schedule for UGA...
user avatar
Rex Feral3 months
Coming down from his perch to post amongst the ad clickers.
user avatar
scrooster3 months
It still will not be a "Top 5 Most Difficult in the Conference" next year. It's all relevant but, I agree, it is far more difficult than they typically draw.
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