Weightlifting Gender Reveal Alert!
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Weightlifters have babies too!!!...

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KAVandy0545 months
If it saves one life we should ban gender reveals.
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SomeLSUguy45 months
If it saves a waste of a day, they should be banned... I have never gone to one of those things, but I see poor blokes at these things all the time. What a waste of life... even if your wife offers sex to get you there, it can't be worth it.
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saint tiger22545 months
"We're still doing these after the fire?"... Only someone as dumb as Larry can think balloons popping will set things on fire.
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JackieTreehorn45 months
frick the look at me generation.
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Twenty 4945 months
The baby has a basis for shame and embarrassment even before it is born.
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SkintBack45 months
This baby is 3.50 years old already. Old news
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Broadside Bob45 months
Based on the two pair of 'nads hanging off the plates, I would have said twin boys.
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I hope they broke their backs. Anyone who puts their gender reveals on social media is stupid.
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Bustedsack45 months
this shite makes me want to kill myself
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atltiger648745 months
stupid. and I hope it cracked their driveway.
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