This Gainesville police officer was responding to a noise complaint about neighborhood kids playing basketball in the street. Next thing you know, he was dunking...

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OceanMan99 months
I thought he was playing cool to draw em all back out and then unleashing the prongs of justice
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panzer99 months
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MoarKilometers99 months
The cops should've shown up at the nosy "count's" house who reported this egregious violation of law and order. Seems like bogus PR bullshite to me.
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Capital Cajun99 months
That's good Po-lice work right there. Bunny Colvin would be proud.
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CCTider99 months
It reminds me of the Wire, where, I think it was Lester Smooth, said that cops used to walk the beat and know the people in the neighborhood. They had a relationship with the community.

Glad to see this occasionally still happens.
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GWfool99 months
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RightHook99 months
best thing i've seen all day.
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YStar99 months
Really cool.

If more police did this in these neighborhoods, you would see more kids and people backing them instead of the negative elements.
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LSUtigers11199 months
Awesome, I bet the neighbor was pissed haha!

I liked the "glad you're doing this and not out there causing trouble" at the end.
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