Check out Jon Black from the Crazy Lure Tackle shop in Cape Coral Florida catch the largest bottom fish ever (giant grouper) from a Kayak in Sanibel Florida...

The fish measured out at 83 inches long and over 73 inches in girth with an estimated weight of 552 pounds. Holy smokes.
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Big Sway107 months
Saw the same scenario on fishing channel. Same location different boat hell it looked like a comparable fish. Why are fishermen allowed to catch these fish if they are protected?
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Hugo Stiglitz107 months
He's gonna need a bigger boat.
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blueboy107 months
He didn't break the rod, sparky. You did.
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RECConspiracy107 months
I remember one I caught that was double digit weight being pretty difficult. Can't imagine me doing that with 500 lbs in a decent boat, much less a kayak.
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Lsu101205107 months
Thats a good core workout lol
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HeavyCore107 months
Of course he's screaming like a girl.
The fish is over 500 lbs and he's in a kayak.
Do you have any idea how hard that shite is?
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JumpingTheShark107 months
That guy is squealing like a damn girl. Big arse fish tho
user avatar
Hester Carries107 months
Is nobody gonna talk about his bitch voice?
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utstnx107 months
agreed goliath grouper. illegal to keep. protected
user avatar
GCHunter107 months
Goliath Grouper i think
user avatar
3nOut107 months
Grouper. they're enormous.
user avatar
MSTiger33107 months
What kind of fish is that?
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