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Former Florida head coach sold his house in Gainesville for $1.4 million, $400,000 less than he paid for it in May 2015. Per

McElwain sold his 11,000-square-foot home in Gainesville in late January for $1.4 million, $400,000 less than he paid for it in May 2015. The house was McElwain's final tie to the area.

Florida and McElwain parted ways in late October following a tumultuous week that started with the coach alleging family members received death threats and ended with a 42-7 loss to Southeastern Conference rival Georgia.

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and I bet you really feel bad about this after knowing he sold this home to a family at a discount.... he should be applauded for helping those two handicapped children
Reply14 days
Changed my opinion of him for sure.
7 days
This is the correct answer
4 days
Thoughts and prayers sent. Poor guy.
Reply15 days
$400k will buy a shite load of crest white strips.
Reply16 days
Will the fake death threats be forwarded to his new address?
Reply16 days
He needed the large house to take in all of those Hurricane evacuees in October of 2016.
Reply18 days
House was only 1,000 square feet. The DOUCHE was 10,000.
Reply18 days
Even the universe thinks he's a douche.
Reply19 days
hard to believe spurrier's basement is that big
Reply19 days
"He deserves it"
Reply21 days
How many zillions was his Buyout??
Reply22 days
Got what he deserved...nutria tooth
Reply22 days
I dont understand having a big arse house unless you have a huge family. Live on some water, have cool toys. Most of the time these huge houses look terrible
Reply22 days
completely agree. Hell, the vast majority of the time you live in the kitchen and den/living room. I understand he probably needs to live in a gated community (where the houses are large) but 11,000 sq ft?? That's just plain silly, he only has 3 kids, but they were all out of the house when he took the Florida job.
19 days
I think kids refer to baby goats. If he had 3 half breed sharks not sure what you call them especially if they inherited the yellow teeth.
18 days
Who cares? This is a dumb story. It has nothing to do with marine animal sexual relations.
Reply22 days
So he is about as good of an investor as he is a talker.
Reply22 days
Should have been worse
Reply22 days
Location, location, location. He should have bought in Ocala.
Reply23 days
What about the salt water pool?
Reply23 days
My question is: Why does anyone need an 11,000 sq ft home? Nothing but greed.
Reply23 days
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