Lukas Bukovaz fought in a 2 vs. 1 match alongside his partner, Patrik Horvath, over the weekend and lost the fight. He then chalked up another loss after the match when he proposed to his girlfriend who said "no"...

Per The New York Post...

While she was speaking, it appeared that one of Bukovaz’s coaches had attempted to spew water at her from his bottle, momentarily stopping her comments from being heard by the raucous crowd.

His girlfriend further explained that the reason for the no is that he had recently been found to be unfaithful to her, although Bukovaz denied the accusation.
(The Spun)
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dagrippa18 days
user avatar
Jwils19 days
Work blocking Instagram now so looks like I'll miss 50% of Larry's "stories" lol
user avatar
Play_Neck18 days
you're not missing much here, man
user avatar
CAD703X19 days
Jesus Christ what is that thing
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LeClerc19 days
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JackieTreehorn19 days
Best decision of his life. He will look back at this as a blessing.
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SmelvinRat19 days
Mandy Baxter- aka Molly Ephraim?
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Larry is the dude kneeling in life.
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TheRouxGuru19 days
Shits fake as hell. She looks and acts like a heel from WWE. Watch how she waits for the crowd to stop reacting before she starts speaking. This was all set up.

Also, imagine getting snubbed by a girl with bangs and fishnet stockings LMAO (IF this were real)
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Rex Feral19 days
If you're dumb enough to pull that in front of a crowd, then you deserve all the embarrassment you get.
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Clark1419 days
Congratulations to him, many men aren’t that lucky.
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God DAMN that is one ugly “girlfriend”
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