Mayweather May Pay Suge Knight's $10M Bail If He Wins Saturday
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports
Looks like former music executive Suge Knight has a guardian angel, and his name is Floyd Mayweather Jr.. Mayweather claims if he beats Manny Pacquiao on Saturday night, he will post the $10 million bail for Knight as he faces murder charges. Per the LA Times...

A lawyer from Mayweather's camp reached out to [Knight attorney Matthew Fletcher] several weeks ago and asked about the specifics of bailing Knight out, the attorney said.

On Wednesday, Fletcher said he talked to Knight about the possibility of Mayweather pulling through with bail.

"Suge said, ‘Man, I was really going to pull for him to win, but now I'm going to have to pray for him to win,'" Fletcher said.
Knight faces murder and attempted murder charges for allegedly running over Cle Sloan and Terry Carter with his truck in a restaurant parking lot, killing Carter.
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user avatar
DVinBR109 months
want to become a target? that's how you become a target
user avatar
Pavoloco83109 months
Why would Money do that? Suge Knight is a straight up criminal.
user avatar
bayou2003109 months
$10mil on a murderer. Wow. We all know he also had PAC killed.Floyd gonna end up dead befriending certain people.
user avatar
BowlJackson109 months
What a POS. Can't believe he has so many fans
user avatar
Tiger Vision109 months
How is this allegedly? There is clear video of it happening.

Knight faces murder and attempted murder charges for "allegedly" running over Cle Sloan and Terry Carter with his truck in a restaurant parking lot, killing Carter.
user avatar
Tigermite109 months
I guess kickin the shite out of multiple women wasnt reason enough
user avatar
lsu480109 months
I love this dude, LMFAO!
user avatar
hogminer109 months
What a stand up guy. SMH
user avatar
danjam67109 months
Now I hope he gets knocked the EFFF OUT!
user avatar
Rebel Land Shark109 months
I hope Pacquio kicks his arse
user avatar
SpartyGator109 months
Frick Floyd Mayweather
user avatar
JumpingTheShark109 months
user avatar
kudzoo109 months
He seems determined to prove what a colossal jerk he is.
user avatar
Foolish cock109 months
How to go broke 101
user avatar
CaptainJ47109 months
frick yeah go Floyd
user avatar
Dignan109 months
The more I hear about Mayweather, the less I like him.
user avatar
Datbayoubengal109 months
I don't even watch boxing, and I feel like rooting against this jackass
user avatar
In case anyone needed any more reason to pull for Pacquiao.
user avatar
GumboDave109 months
He is truly one of the worse people on the planet. He could send poor kids to college, donate to help feed the poor, save children's lives though St Jude or Shriners Hospital. With $10M, he could do them all. But no, we takes a known murderer and threat to society our of jail.
user avatar
Sid in Lakeshore109 months
Yep, solidly Team Pac now..........
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