Greg Hardy Said With No UFC 249 Crowd He Could Hear The TV Announcers Critiques & Adjusted
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Greg Hardy beat Yorgan De Castro in a heavyweight bout at UFC 249 on Saturday night. Hardy said with UFC's "no crowd" rule was a "game changer" because he could hear the TV announcers critiquing him during his fight, so he just adjusted based on what he heard...

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Mr. Hangover46 months
I seriously just read the same fricking sentence four times in a row. Wtf
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ColdTurkey46 months
Dudes got all the raw talent in the world but looked like a true blue amateur taking punishment to his leg like that without checking it once.
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NotoriousFSU46 months
That was actually hilarious because DC was practically instructing him to check those leg kicks then soon as he does the fight changed in Hardy’s favor.
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High C46 months
I’m sure his corner guys are happy to hear that.
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tigersquad8946 months
His corner guys are shite for not telling him that.
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roguetiger1546 months
Smart man
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BowlJackson46 months
Too bad there wasn't a TV announcer to advise him that it was a bad idea to beat up his gf or maybe he'd still have an NFL career. Wasn't smart enough to figure that one out on his own
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