This Is Why Nick Saban Thinks His Alabama Team Lost To Clemson
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When talking to the SEC Network this week, Alabama head coach Nick Saban revealed why he thinks his Crimson Tide lost to Clemson in this past year's College Football Playoff national title game...

“We’ve always played with a lot of discipline. We’ve always had people do their job at a high standard on a pretty consistent basis and we’ve always had people being responsible and having accountability in putting the team first,” Saban told Greg McElroy. “From the LSU game on last year, I (think) we lost our humility, which can create a little complacency and a blatant disregard for doing what’s right.

“We had a lot of internal distractions from people in terms of, “Am I going out for the draft or am I taking another job?’ It was a little disappointing that we couldn’t keep it together. Obviously my responsibility is to keep everybody up to snuff in all those areas. But I think sometimes when you lose, people are much more willing to say, okay I’m going to look in the mirror now and what is the truth about what we did or didn’t do.”
Do you agree?

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As a Clemson fan, don’t write off Nick just yet. I believe Bama is going to on a mission this year to absolutely humiliate any and all opponents in front of them. That is his way when confronted with an issue. I admire the shite out of that. Good luck getting past the 50 yard line this year guys.
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Whole lot of comments below from people who obviously can't read good.
Reply2 months
Can't agree with Saban on this one. The reason Bama lost was Clemson made their arse quit.
Reply2 months
"Hadna been for LSU we'd of slobberknocked those Clemson punks!"
Reply2 months
Lsu sucked so much it rubbed off on bama.
Reply3 months
LOL y'all peaked against LSU Nick. We were Bama's Super Bowl! LOLOL
Reply3 months
It's confirmed, Coach O is now residing between Saban's ears! ROFLMAO
Reply3 months
In the 2nd half on NCG Saban looked like Miles on 1-9-12
Reply3 months
I hope he's right. That tells me he's losing touch with the players in his old age. And of course the players got complacent. Not only did every media outlet crown them in September but the SEC Rant was in full blown suck off mode for most of the season.
Reply3 months
Or you got beat by a better team with a better coach Nick. What a jackass.
Reply3 months
In their heads. Twenty. Four. Seven.
Reply3 months
I don't like alabama any more than I like having my teeth drilled. I'd probably rather have my teeth drilled than alabama win, especially if it was against LSU. I still feel if alabama and Clemson played 10 times that alabama team would win 6. And I believe if that alabama team played that LSU team 10 times LSU would win 3 and them 7. I understand what Saban is saying, he's saying they got over confident, cocky. When you playing against a team with the talent like Clemson, that one thing can kill you. Last season LSU lacked confidence going into that alabama game. On the offensive side at least. But the year before I think they had confidence and if Etling could have completed 2 easy passes to wide open receivers it's a tied game. People don't realize how important confidence is, whether it's lack of or too much. LSU didn't have enough against bama and bama had too much against Clemson. bama did not play their best. That team that played Clemson was not the same team that played LSU. The same only in name, not in mentality.
Reply3 months
All he’s doing is deflecting. They got their sh$& pushed in. Take it like a man.
Reply3 months
Excuses are like a-holes. You got smoked because Clemson was better.
Reply3 months
Yes the Clemson Tigers are better than the Alabama Elephants...28 points better !
3 months
He's saying they beat LSU so easily, they thought they could stroll in against Clemson. That makes no sense since they were in a dog fight in SECCG vs UGA, pardon the pun. And Im pretty sure they smoked Auburn after the LSU game.
Reply3 months
So because they smoked LSU they got beat by Clemson?
Reply3 months
Blaming LSU??? What an idiot! He's blaming his own players for losing focus, you moron!
Reply3 months
Gumps weren't in the same zip code as clemson tigers, gumps got that arse kicked
Reply3 months
Clemson was better. Nuff' said.
Reply3 months
When you beat the frick out of your main “competition” whose coach is a shrimp boat captain every damn year, it’s kind of hard to get your guys motivated.
Reply3 months
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