n an interview with FOX Sports’ Joel Klatt, Oregon DE Kayvon Thibodeaux ripped into Alabama's educat
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In an interview with FOX Sports’ Joel Klatt, Oregon DE Kayvon Thibodeaux ripped into Alabama's education... Thibodeaux chose the Ducks over the Crimson Tide.

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The man is at Tennis Shoe U and talking academics. Lol.
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Oh, the irony here. Full disclosure, I went to UA and have no regrets/great education. It IS what YOU make of it - any school. I don't begrudge the kid for stating he has higher aspirations, but the fact that he apparently did NO research whatsoever is frustrating, once he says all this in an open forum. He's an advertising major. Wanna take a guess at who has the #1 Advertising/PR program in the US? Bama. Wanna take a look at APR? Graduation rates among players? (OU is almost last in the PAC12, btw) SAT/ACT scores for students at each univ? UA is ahead of Oregon in each of those. Sounds like he's repeating what the recruiters told him, then shied away from both on-field AND off-field competition, choosing a "guaranteed job" instead of working hard/becoming successful at both. Not to mention the condescending tone he gives off, whilst using his words incorrectly. Best of luck to you, KT. Hope you graduate one day from... somewhere.
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Did he leave before earning his degree?
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If you're going to talk shite about a schools level of academia. Its probably best not to use words like, "ain't" and "stigmatism" improperly. As far as Phil Knight is concerned and him handing you a job. I'm pretty sure its not going to be a six figure salary position. Nor is it a caliber of job starting out that any Alabama Alumni won't offer you if you made that same phone call. Also, Oregon and The West Coast isn't offering any diploma thats any better than any SEC school. stigmatism stig·ma·tism (stig'm?-tiz'?m) n. 1. The condition of being affected by stigmata. 2. The state of a refracting or reflecting system in which light rays from a single point are accurately focused at another point. 3. Normal eyesight.
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He’d be transferring out because he isn’t near as talented as the roster of interior lineman that have been at Alabama the last 3 years. So enjoy your degree, while Alabama continues to compete for titles and send great lineman to the league every year.
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The worst part is you look at twitter replies and 80% of the drooling idiots on there noticed nothing odd about the interview. This country is borderline remedial.
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OK Kayvon
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Could have gone to Arkansas and worked for Walmart. But we don’t like his kind
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Great choice kid!
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Hope he puts his neuroscience degree to good use.
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He said I can be known as a champion or I can have a guaranteed job at Nike. Well bud, you made your decision. Congrats I guess.
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He went to Oregon, lol.
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Does he think he went to Stanford? Lol
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The irony of him talking about the education one gets at Alabama compared to Oregon and then him saying “stigmatism” when he means “stigma” is not lost on me.
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Dude, he can’t see right! It’s a stigmata?
9 days
I hate Alabama but Greg McElroy says you're full of shite. You get what you give.
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Lol he’s going to use that Oregon education.
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I never knew Oregon was such a pillar of educational advancement.
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Sounds like he went to the same school lebron did
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He'll always have a job at Nike... someone has to glue those soles to the uppers...
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Couldn't understand him with Phil Knight's cock in his mouth.
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