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Learn where you candidate stands on the issues - Article for each candidate!

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by GetCocky11
GetCocky11 SouthCarolina fan287/31 12:11 pm

Hillary Clinton's camp fears new "bimbo eruption"

by member12
27/31 12:52 pm

Leftists only care about science when it suits their agenda.

by accnodefense
accnodefense57/31 12:52 pm

Look at this article from CNN and see if you can spot what's wrong, PP related

by bamarep
bamarep97/31 12:51 pm

For you libertarians: Trump on Crimea.

by AGoodTexan
AGoodTexan TexasAM fan47/31 12:51 pm

Hillary Emails Contained Classified Materials From Five US Intelligence Agencies

by L.A.
L.A. Saints fan87/31 12:47 pm
Jagd Tiger

If Trump wins, will the USA be a laughingstock?

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LSUTANGERINE SouthernCal fan537/31 12:47 pm
The Spleen

News From The Revolution ! Planned Parenthood visits The White House ! Forward !

by Lsupimp
57/31 12:46 pm

Army Times - Two female Ranger students move on to Swamp Phase

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by Wolfhound45
437/31 12:45 pm

2 observations from Hillary's speech today

by skeeter531
skeeter53137/31 12:45 pm

Joe Biden Likes To Swim Nude in Front of Female Secret Service Agents

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by L.A.
L.A. Saints fan407/31 12:45 pm

WH Says Planned Parenthood Videos Were "Highly Edited" and "Distorted" Words

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by cajunangelle
1037/31 12:45 pm

Why is abortion a political and not religious issue?

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by mahdragonz
357/31 12:44 pm

U.S. intel fears hundreds of secrets leaked in Hillary’s private emails

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by wickowick
427/31 12:43 pm

So, what IS the difference between a Democrat and a Socialist?

by zelman
zelman USA fan57/31 12:40 pm
NorthGwinnett LSU

Dear new left...you are tyrants. You don't think you are but you are.

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by Scoop
2067/31 12:36 pm

Trump's achilles (according to CNN)

by bamarep
bamarep107/31 12:35 pm
Jagd Tiger

Iran already claiming US has violated agreement

by bamarep
bamarep137/31 12:26 pm

Scientific question: can the tissue mass feel any pain?

by Champagne
Champagne Saints fan137/31 12:26 pm

Marist General Elex Poll/AZ GOP/FL DEM

by TN_Tigers
87/31 12:26 pm
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