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** Official DJT Address to Congress thread **

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by SirWinston
SirWinston 10503/1 12:47 pm

Rape Culture of America: Documents spilled from class action against jewelers

by cokebottleag
cokebottleag 103/1 12:47 pm

Emma Watson, Feminist Crusader, goes topless; sparks ridicule, controversy

by TN Bhoy
TN Bhoy 133/1 12:47 pm
Captain Crown

White House supports renewal of spy law without reforms

by Grim
Grim 143/1 12:47 pm

Where did all the Conservatives Go?

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by AUbused
AUbused 233/1 12:47 pm

Sessions: Justice to limit action against police departments on civil rights

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by Rakim
Rakim633/1 12:47 pm

Undercover in Sweden

by PoundFoolish
PoundFoolish 03/1 12:46 pm

Mexico threatens to impose tariffs if US taxes Mexican imports to finance wall

by Bench McElroy
Bench McElroy103/1 12:46 pm

Obama used DOJ slush fund to funnel $ to leftist activist groups

by bamarep
bamarep 123/1 12:46 pm

Bill Nye beatdown.

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by dragginass
dragginass513/1 12:46 pm

Democrat Dan Grilo thinks wife of deceased Seal Ryan Owens is an idiot

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by HailToTheChiz
HailToTheChiz 443/1 12:46 pm
Hog on the Hill

Dem ticket for 2020

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by KeyserSoze999
KeyserSoze999 283/1 12:43 pm

Trump supporters can't take joke at comedy show and one assaults him

LSUTANGERINE 153/1 12:42 pm

Obama on illegal immigrants

by themunch
themunch 03/1 12:42 pm

100k-200k is not rich

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by tigerworkpart2
tigerworkpart2 2133/1 12:41 pm

Sarah Silverman shows the pitfalls of modern feminism

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by SlowFlowPro
SlowFlowPro 553/1 12:40 pm

Tax reform. Why isn't there more talk of a consumption tax?

by bayouboo
bayouboo 113/1 12:38 pm
Aubie Spr96

The Wall - One of the dumbest things ever

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by awestruck
awestruck 533/1 12:37 pm
skinny domino

Georgia Hate Crime Sentence

by crap4brain
crap4brain 23/1 12:36 pm

Here's one of the places where Democrats may be getting their talking points

by DawgfaninCa
DawgfaninCa 43/1 12:36 pm

CBS Poll... 76% Viewers strongly approve of Trump's speech to Congress

by Jjdoc
Jjdoc 73/1 12:35 pm

My job is not to represent the world. My job is to represent the United States

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by Mike da Tigah
Mike da Tigah283/1 12:34 pm

Wow, Rachel Dolezal has REALLY hit hard times, now...

by VoxDawg
VoxDawg 103/1 12:34 pm

I wake up happy every morning that we have a President who loves tUnited States

by The Boat
The Boat 153/1 12:28 pm

Leveling the playing field for manufacturing

by cahoots
cahoots 53/1 12:27 pm
PurpleandGold Motown

Asing NATO to pay more

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by germandawg
germandawg333/1 12:26 pm

Personal Assistant Bots Perpetuating Sexism?

by LSU Patrick
LSU Patrick 83/1 12:25 pm

Left threatens Trump-friendly senators with primary challenges

by Jbird
Jbird 53/1 12:24 pm
The Boat

Chairman of East BR Parish Republican Party dislikes Mardi Gras

by ragincajun03
ragincajun03 193/1 12:24 pm
Clyde Tipton

Mississippi just did something you baws in Louisiana need to do

by anc
anc23/1 12:21 pm
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