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Clinton's make $26million from Sweden

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by Dead End
Dead End USA fan546/2 11:46 pm

Senator suggest that big oil could possibly be investigated under RICO laws

by Revelator
Revelator166/2 11:43 pm
Hooligan's Ghost

Almost 400 police shootings this year.

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by dante
646/2 11:31 pm

NYT: Russian Internet Research Agency and the Columbian Chemicals explosion hoax

by Decatur
136/2 10:48 pm

La Senate committee adds to tax increases--now at $735 million

by I B Freeman
I B Freeman26/2 10:21 pm

California Senate Ok's bill to give health coverage to illegals

by bamarep
bamarep166/2 10:00 pm

Why Hillary Will Win 2016

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by m2pro
m2pro Alabama fan486/2 9:45 pm

Pro-gun rights actor Vince Vaughn makes excellent points during interview

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by weagle99
weagle99596/2 9:12 pm

Rand Calling for Declassification of Saudi Arabia pages in 9/11 Report

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by anc
anc406/2 9:06 pm
Malik Agar

Foolproof plan to get Obama out of office?

by FourthQuarter
196/2 9:02 pm

Listen up--Contortions on budget to accommodate Jindal are about to screw us all

(Page 1 2)
by I B Freeman
I B Freeman216/2 8:52 pm
I B Freeman

Who do you want Hillary's running mate to be?

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by Hugo Stiglitz
Hugo Stiglitz USA fan356/2 8:39 pm

Speaking of problems with schools, Chicago school CEO resigns amid Fed probe

by bamarep
bamarep86/2 8:32 pm

Why does our governor fellate Grover Norquist

by TigerJeff
76/2 8:18 pm

Boston police shoot and kill terrorism suspect

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by bamarep
bamarep446/2 8:03 pm

LSU giving legislators priority to buy super regional tickets.

by I B Freeman
I B Freeman126/2 7:10 pm

Founder of Wellhouse Ministry calls porn and strip clubs "rape"

by yellowhammer2098
yellowhammer2098 Alabama fan136/2 6:06 pm

SCOTUS rules 8-1 in favor of Muslim denied job and A and F

(Page 1 2)
by Eurocat
Eurocat376/2 5:56 pm

Paying for Carbon

by Loveland Tiger
96/2 4:44 pm

Senate Passes NSA reforms (former patriot act)heads to Obama's desk

by NYNolaguy1
56/2 4:24 pm
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