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Did we watch the same game last night?

by Gnarkill
Score Board2 hours ago
Gnarkill 339/24 8:57 am

Just cancelled Sunday Ticket

by TigersHuskers
More Sports42 minutes ago
TigersHuskers 699/24 9:49 am

LF7 kneeled for the anthem but stood for God Save the Queen

by Preauxpofol
Score Board12 minutes ago
Preauxpofol289/24 9:49 am

1-7, 2-6 in SEC play is probably something we should be ready for.

by LSUTigersVCURams
Score Board3 hours ago
LSUTigersVCURams489/24 9:49 am

Grimes Has to Go

by jeff70121
Score Board3 hours ago
jeff70121 119/24 8:13 am

Fournette takes a Knee in another Country

by tigerbaitlawyer
Political Talk32 minutes ago
tigerbaitlawyer 279/24 9:44 am

How can depth issues and Les Miles be used as an excuse after last night?

by CapperVin
Score Board2 hours ago
CapperVin 259/24 9:49 am

Observation from Tiger Staduim

by stewie
Score Board11 hours ago
stewie329/24 2:37 am

Canada is a total fraud

by danman6336
Score Board12 hours ago
danman6336 969/24 9:30 am

Thanks for the onside kick Cuse

by Tiger Voodoo
Score Board2 hours ago
Tiger Voodoo 179/24 8:54 am

A few more obervations from Tiger Stadium

by stewie
Score Board1 hour ago
stewie109/24 9:22 am

It's about to go down today (anthem protest edition)

by Bunyan
Political Talk2 hours ago
Bunyan 259/24 9:08 am

Trump Played Them Like A Fiddle.

by someoneBEE
Political Talk2 hours ago
someoneBEE519/24 9:48 am
EZE Tiger Fan

I'm ready to protest the NFL

by CajunTiger78
Political Talk43 minutes ago
CajunTiger78 299/24 9:49 am

M.B. Coming in at the one yard line,

by dos crystal
Score Board2 hours ago
dos crystal 219/24 9:13 am
Tigris Christi

No lack of Talent Excuses for O

by BeeFense5
Score Board12 hours ago
BeeFense5 689/24 1:03 am

Our struggles are really this simple

by nicksaur3
Score Board10 hours ago
nicksaur3 209/24 7:14 am

Good news about this team

by TigerSaint1
Score Board40 minutes ago
TigerSaint1 149/24 9:49 am
Tigris Christi

for what we've got this year, i saw some positives

by stephendomalley
Score Board2 hours ago
stephendomalley 159/24 9:39 am

Guys, calm down...Syracuse is a top tiered team in the SEC

by The Egg
Score Board1 hour ago
The Egg 119/24 9:08 am

Jeff Grimes is a BIG Problem

by Bert Macklin FBI
Score Board11 hours ago
Bert Macklin FBI 299/23 11:29 pm

Why go to the game if you leave at the half?

by TigerFan244
Score Board11 hours ago
TigerFan244 629/24 9:20 am

ESPN is garbage. Sick of them forcing their political beliefs onto everyone.

by ctiger69
More Sports17 minutes ago
ctiger69 209/24 9:47 am

Glad everyone is ok after “the world ended last night”

by TechDawg2007
O-T Lounge2 hours ago
TechDawg2007 109/24 9:22 am

Drake admitted int was his fault

by 1999
Score Board11 hours ago
1999 239/23 11:03 pm

CEO: "We played an ok game"

by novabill
Score Board12 hours ago
novabill 199/23 10:25 pm

Remember when the left vociferously defended Tim Tebow's free speech expression to kneel?

by Revelator
Political Talk36 minutes ago
Revelator139/24 9:42 am

Positives from this game

by Alatgr
Score Board12 hours ago
Alatgr 369/24 8:48 am
easy money

It's funny people sitting on a computer bashing fans last night

by 1999
Score Board1 hour ago
1999 119/24 8:34 am

How can Grimes still be on staff?

by SMU Tiger Fan
Score Board10 hours ago
SMU Tiger Fan 159/24 5:47 am
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