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Clinton Deleted 1,000 Petraeus Emails

(Page 1 2)
by WhiskeyPapa
WhiskeyPapa 379/27 2:29 pm

FiveThirtyEight - Clinton vs. Trump - Chance of winning percentage tracker

(Page 1 2)
by Street Hawk
Street Hawk 349/27 2:26 pm

I watched at least some of every primary debate and all of most

by Adam Banks
Adam Banks 49/27 2:26 pm
Adam Banks

Obama Admin Sues Peter Thiel’s Palantir for Bogus ‘Racial Discrimination’

by Oddibe
Oddibe 109/27 2:13 pm

A Rebuttal to Those Who Say We Don't Have a Good Choice in 2016

by Boanerges
Boanerges29/27 2:11 pm
Dawg in Beaumont

Rosie O'Donnell Responds To Trump; Delivers An Unflattering Comment

by tarzana
tarzana 189/27 2:09 pm

Sheriff Clark keepin' it real

by Zach
Zach 69/27 2:08 pm

HRC Ad - About the children

by HeadChange
HeadChange 49/27 1:53 pm

Does Hillary answer Trump's email challenge?

(Page 1 2 3)
by idlewatcher
idlewatcher 569/27 1:49 pm
CGSC Lobotomy

HRC Campaign Manager Frets About ‘Double Standard’ Debate Coverage Being Unfair

(Page 1 2)
by cajunangelle
cajunangelle 239/27 1:47 pm
dr smartass phd

Should HRC win the general election..

(Page 1 2)
by hsfolk
hsfolk 219/27 1:44 pm

All major online polls from last night

by JS87
JS8799/27 1:43 pm

Trump threatens to skip remaining debates if Hillary is allowed to participate

by Eurocat
Eurocat159/27 1:41 pm

Since we are speculating trump is on coke...

(Page 1 2)
by Lsuchs
Lsuchs 219/27 1:29 pm

Best hard print unbiased daily Newspaper? Signed up for the Wall Street Journal

by DupontsCircle
DupontsCircle 19/27 1:27 pm

Get Rid of the Debate Commission

by Aubie Spr96
Aubie Spr96 09/27 1:26 pm
Aubie Spr96

Mosul: ISIS burns six civilians to death for ‘spying’

by cajunangelle
cajunangelle 79/27 1:20 pm

Hillary joker smile

by Meauxjeaux
Meauxjeaux 39/27 1:12 pm

Hillary was preparing to be President - #PreparationH

by Eye_Heart_Number_33
Eye_Heart_Number_3319/27 1:00 pm

Another White Cop/Black Man Situation

by TideSaint
TideSaint 99/27 12:57 pm

Trump Doubles Down on Miss Universe Insults

(Page 1 2 3)
by tigerinDC09
tigerinDC09 419/27 12:55 pm
a want

Re-watching the debate, Trump was focused on the Rust Belt at the start

by PatDyesPants
PatDyesPants 159/27 12:52 pm

Hildebeast is losing because the same elitists that gave us Romney, Bushs, Kerry

by RobbBobb
RobbBobb09/27 12:52 pm

#HillarysEarpiece now trending on the web

(Page 1 2)
by stout
stout 249/27 12:51 pm

Van Jones "Trump did great last night"......

by Jjdoc
Jjdoc 149/27 12:45 pm


by Costanza
Costanza 69/27 12:45 pm

the ultimate barometer of who won the debate is the polls

by Hawkeye95
Hawkeye95 159/27 12:39 pm

Have people here ever read biographies of historic political figures?

by Y.A. Tittle
Y.A. Tittle09/27 12:37 pm
Y.A. Tittle

Hillary lost my wife's vote on forced profit sharing.

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by GumboPot
GumboPot 409/27 12:37 pm

My take on Hillary from last night:

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by Luke
Luke 569/27 12:31 pm
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