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If places like Raqqa and other cities are all about the caliphateSuperSaint 68/23 3:29 am
by SuperSaint
RIP CITWTT (Page 1 2)HailHailtoMichigan! 218/23 2:53 am
by skinny domino
Rush: New media kept MSM from turning 'gentle giant' into Rodney King (Page 1 2 3)Da Sheik 408/23 2:48 am
by S.E.C. Crazy
Rand Paul Calls Hillary Clinton a 'War Hawk' in NBC InterviewRollTide4Ever 128/23 2:46 am
by S.E.C. Crazy
Islamic State Kryptonite - WOMEN!! (Page 1 2)Big12fan 338/23 1:12 am
by MrTide33
Question about the U.S. Marine in the Mexican jail (Page 1 2)MSCoastTigerGirl 348/23 1:10 am
Any McDaniel supporters left?beachreb61 168/23 12:42 am
by ShubutaMS
Russia is firing on Ukraine and invasion has begun?MoreOrLes 118/23 12:39 am
Putin was right about Syria (Page 1 2 3)Cooter Davenport 408/23 12:39 am
by SuperSaint
Powel Shooting footage (Page 1 2 3 ... 14 15 16)Malik Agar 3138/23 12:01 am
by LSUGrrrl
An Inside look at ISIL - NSFW (Page 1 2 3)Da Sheik 458/23 12:00 am
by TigerLicks
Handguns: Where Is ‘Open Carry’ Legal? (Page 1 2)tigerpawl 258/22 11:58 pm
by upgrayedd
Chinese people, frustrated with medical system, take to murdering doctorsLSUTigersVCURams 148/22 11:54 pm
by Hater Bait
Dems are running hard with the Cassidy doesn't care about Vets lineThe Boat 158/22 11:30 pm
by Sentrius
St. Louis Police Officer Dan Page Loses Fight WIth The Mediatrackfan 68/22 11:00 pm
WBC accepts offer to be flown to Iraq to picket ISIS...... (Page 1 2)CptBengal 318/22 10:31 pm
by Ponchy Tiger
Was the failed rescue attempt of Foley due to faulty intelligence? (Page 1 2)DawgfaninCa 328/22 10:23 pm
by FightinTigersDammit
Two GoFundMe pages for Officer Darren Wilson closing in on $300k in donations. (Page 1 2)wmr208/22 9:58 pm
by MSCoastTigerGirl
Making It Up As They Go Along...WHDeltaDoc 128/22 9:49 pm
by Porkchop Express
Something to remember when talking about solar powerweagle99118/22 9:13 pm
by tiderider

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