Check out 17-year-old American figure skater Vincent Zhou land the quad lutz, the first ever in Olympic history...
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Nice. But can he do the Triple Lindy?

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rondo72 months
Maybe it's just me but every Ice Skating jump looks exactly the same.
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GeauxTigers010772 months
Well there's at least two of us now
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Hester Carries72 months
Is it cause their all asian!?
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Skinny72 months
Jason! Do the two and half!
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TigerFanatic9972 months
That's a lot of spinney shite.
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justausedcarguy72 months
Obligatory I’ve seen better quads on the quad...
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WithaRebelYell72 months
Still not as good as the Iron Lotus!
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CaptainsWafer72 months
I can’t count that fast, let’s see that in slow mo.
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