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re: Bama allowed 31 points

Posted by Cheupique on 9/29/19 at 10:34 am
With their 3rd string in on D?...

re: Auburn beats bama this year

Posted by Cheupique on 9/29/19 at 10:32 am
Auburn beats LSU?...
You may be disappointed......

re: nevermind

Posted by Cheupique on 3/7/19 at 3:33 pm
Alleva is clear...

re: Alright Alabama

Posted by Cheupique on 1/7/19 at 7:31 am
You are ruining the LSU brand....
Yeah right, kinda like the gumps have to cheat to win....
Kneeling inside the 5 is foot off the gas, asshat....