What is this guy thinking? Check out this Texas A&M coach who was throwing multiple cheap shots at West Virginia players during the Liberty Bowl on Monday...

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Apparently they were aware...
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dead money110 months
Was dismissed the minute the team plane touched down in CS too... got what he deserved, imo... can't do that in a game... like ever.
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Quidam65110 months
It was a student assistant, not a member of the coaching staff. At least get that part right.
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cwil177110 months
How do people act so stupid on national television, with replays galore? So dumb.
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Galactic Inquisitor110 months

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skinny domino110 months
Woody Hayes is smiling from his grave.
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MondayMorningMarch110 months
Best defensive play any ag made all year.

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Foolish cock110 months
I thought it was cool. Kid had no reason to be on that sideline.
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TDFreak110 months
Mark Richt has lost control of the TAMU coaching staff.
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RBWilliams8110 months
Aggie trash. Nothing to see here.
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Vernonbrew22110 months
What a dip stick. Like wow man, I am invisible.
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GFaceKillah110 months
Typical Texas Trash
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He gone.
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CSATiger110 months
aggie- nism
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