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26-year-old Russian tennis player Yana Sizikova is suspected of taking bribes in a match-fixing scheme at the 2020 French Open. The currently ranked #765 in the world by the WTA, was taken into custody in Paris on Thursday evening...

Sizikova was in France competing in the 2021 French Open -- and had lost in a doubles match earlier in the day.

Now, prosecutors say she's facing charges of "sports bribery and organized fraud for acts likely to have been committed in Sept. 2020."

Here's the deal ... Sizikova -- who's ranked #101 as a doubles player -- was involved in a doubles match at the 2020 French Open that was flagged after bookmakers noticed unusual bets being made.

Officials say hundreds of thousands of euros were wagered on the match -- and then noticed Sizikova was playing unusually bad.

After an investigation, prosecutors believe they have enough evidence to prove Sizikova was tanking on purpose as part of a match-fixing scheme
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TFH35 months
Yeah the French robbed me last time I was there, too. Ungrateful dickwads
user avatar
EulerRules35 months
Russians? Cheating? C'mon, man.
user avatar
surgicalvenom35 months
Seriously, can you imagine the scumbags who she has to answer to.
user avatar
Breauxsif35 months
Larry you could have at least provided us with some up-skirt pics.
user avatar
blueboxer111935 months
Prove she played bad on purpose. No way she's convicted.
user avatar
CanebreakCajun35 months
I had a stomach flu, I had a migraine, I twisted my ankle, etc.
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dbeck35 months
Or they could have a paper trail of emails, text messages, and bank transactions.
user avatar
LSU Tiger Eyes35 months
Anna Kournikova she is not! Next thing you know she'll be working for the Russian mafia down here in Sunny Isles.
user avatar
6R1235 months
Sunny Megladon
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