Jeremy Pruitt Is Threatening Tennessee If the University Doesn't Settle With Him
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Jeremy Pruitt has been rather quiet since he was fired for cause by the University of Tennessee on January 18. Until now. Pruitt is back and is ready for war...

The lawyer representing former Tennessee football coach Jeremy Pruitt gave UT an ultimatum this month: Either reach a settlement with Pruitt by Oct. 29, or face a lawsuit that the lawyer claims has the potential to “cripple UT’s athletic programs for years.”

The university intends to stand its ground, with no plans to settle, promising a "vigorous defense" if Pruitt chooses to go to court. A lawsuit is a certainty if there's no settlement, said Michael Lyons, Pruitt’s Texas-based lawyer, in an interview Tuesday with the USA TODAY Network.

"On behalf of my client, I can tell you that he’s not happy that this is the only choice they’ve left him with," Lyons said, "but he’s not going to walk away without getting his day in court.”

"He’s going to file a lawsuit," Lyons added. "They’re not leaving him much choice."

Lyons sent a letter Oct. 7 to UT’s general counsel requesting a meeting to discuss a settlement.

UT fired Pruitt for cause Jan. 18, saying it had uncovered evidence that members of Pruitt's football staff engaged in conduct likely to result in serious NCAA rules violations and Pruitt failed to monitor their actions or promote an atmosphere of compliance. Because UT fired Pruitt for cause, he did not receive any of the $12.6 million buyout that was part of his contract.

Lyons’ letter made no attempt to defend Pruitt, but instead threatened a lawsuit that would aim to embarrass the university and unmask widespread rule-breaking behavior Lyons alleges extends above and beyond Pruitt’s football staff.
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You don't mess with people that know where bodies are buried. See how LSU handled Orgeron. That is how it is done.
Reply1 month
Get the golf balls.
Reply1 month
So let's rehash the strategy here: 1) Ensure show cause because you admit to cheating with the "But they were doing it too excuse". 2) Have your lawyer attempt to extort your previous employer publicly 3) Burn any potential bridges to new employers who see you attempting to throw your previous employer under the bus to cover up. This is about as solid as the defense he put on the field.
Reply1 month
Yes but you are assuming Pruitt does not know some of the people who fired him (or those that Tennessee is letting stay with the school) had their hand in the shenanigans that are being used as the basis to fire him with cause. If that is the case, Pruitt can make Tennessee's life not so comfortable.
1 month
I mean didn't we already know this, isn't that one of the main reasons he got fired? Also, does Pruitt not realize if what he says is true he's the one responsible?
Reply1 month
Imagine being so cheap that you invite the ncaa to your doorstep and are fined the money you were avoiding paying in the first place , plus sanctions
Reply1 month
How does this not force the NCAA to further investigate? It's basically saying there are massive violations that are being kept secret. If the lawyer is threatening releasing that information, would the NCAA demand to know? Guess it depends on the outcome of the game this weekend.
Reply1 month
And this is why LSU is given CEO his full $17M.
Reply1 month
1 month
Ole boy is trying to burn all the bridges to where he never works again.
Reply1 month
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