Gas Station Footage Of U.S. Swimmers Allegedly Show Security Guard Incident
Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports
Here's footage...

U.S. swimmers Ryan Lochte, Jimmy Feigen, Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger’s story is starting to come undone. First, these dudes claimed that during their celebratory night out in Rio they were mugged in a taxi. Then they changed their tune to include a stop at a gas station restroom. So Rio authorities are looking into the gas station restroom security footage...
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So then why the mugging story, fellas?
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Lochte is safe at home while his teammates remain in Brazil. This screams of douchey, guys.

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GoldenBoy94 months
"This screams of douchey, guys." People who talk like this are the worst. Once again, Larry proves how terrible he is.
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DeafVallyBatnR94 months
So if you were in the USA and you go out get drunk pissed on the floor of a bathroom get in an argument with someone at that place and then the security guards pull you out of your car at gun point and you give them money so that they will let you go. I am pretty sure that I would say I got robbed at gun point.
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BigDropper94 months
Sure, but thereally claims are they were "stopped by individuals posing as armed police officers who demanded the athletes' money and other personal belongings" & "We got pulled over, in the taxi, and these guys came out with a police badge, no lights, no nothing -- just a police badge and they pulled us over" which is completely untrue
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atltiger648794 months
where's the damn video?
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CAD703X94 months
Right here no thanks to "larry" LINK
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ForeverGator94 months
With your stalker skills, Larry, I am surprised you don't have the video itself yet.
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BayouBengals1894 months
It doesn't involve Johnny Manziel, or some obscure Instagram "model" so it's wayyy down his list of priorities.
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