This Brazilian referee, who is also a cop, pulled a gun on a player after being punched...

Per Mirror UK...

But a defiant Mr de Souza, who has been a ref for 19 years, defended his actions and declared he had not overreacted while sporting his blackeye.

He said: “My actions were not an exaggeration; the exaggeration was down to the behaviour of the player. I was in charge of the game and to bring things under control I made the decision to act in my capacity as a police officer and arrest a citizen who assaulted me.”
Bizarrely the ref added he had no intention of using violence.
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eddieray84 months
The NBA refs need to do this when players foul but pitch a fit when it's called.
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Hangit84 months
I bet Mr. Tantrum learns to keep his hands to himself when he is getting his arse kicked in Brazilian prison. Those boys are tough.
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AtlantaLSUfan84 months
I see no problem with this. Yelling at a ref shows a lack of self control and composure. Hitting one, you need to be jailed.
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stewie84 months
A ref should get heckled when they blow a call. They screwed up. Yeah humans make mistakes but they aren't immune from consequences.
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TheFlyingTiger84 months
i mean... as long as he arrested him for whatever "assault and battery" charges are in Brazil... w/e
user avatar
OeauxCanada84 months
Brazilian nuts: Not just an overpriced snack anymore
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