Mike Leach Shares His Opinion On Alabama’s Nick Saban
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Prior to Mississippi State taking on Alabama this weekend, Bulldogs head coach Mike Leach was asked his thoughts on Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban. Per 247Sports...

“I have known him for quite a while,” Leach said. “I have always thought he evaluates really well. He’s in a position where he can get pretty much anybody, but I think he evaluates which ones to take very well. The other thing is he’s not afraid to tell somebody no or push somebody hard. Occasionally, someone will get a five-star Parade All-American and then he’s afraid to coach him. Coach Saban is not afraid to coach that guy and push that guy. I have always thought the strongest things he did was evaluate and push guys.”
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I just put a red cup under my toilet seat and I crushed it
Reply7 days
Well that wasn't what I wanted to read. Where is the part where he calls Saban a lunatic?
Reply7 days
Saban is the best CFB Coach ever. I wish he never left LSU. We would have had God knows how many titles by now. Oh, what could have been.
Reply8 days
If that candy hadn't tasted so good...
8 days
Saban needs to be 100% in charge. He eventually found out there were a lot of opiniated "experts" in BR who thought they had a license to second guess and he wanted out. The Miami gig was the first train out of town. The timing and circumstances were right in Tuscaloosa. He demanded and got 100% authority from the Bama big wigs. The big wigs got the message out to the Bama fan base: shut up and let him coach. The rest is history. At LSU, it’s about having a puppet coach who can be controlled. Emmert and Saban sent these folks into hiding and we won a championship.
8 days
It was perfect timing. Miami wasn't going anywhere with Culpepper, Bama was going from fill-in to fill-in coaches. It was the perfect storm. Bama was poised for a resurgence. At least Nick wasn't smart enough to sign Drew.
7 days
The best thing Saban does is set up a system of having third parties provide players and their families with "gifts" to make sure the come to Bama. He is no regard for rules and has zero respect for or fear of the NCAA. He does what he wants, when he wants and dares anyone, including the NCAA, to question him.
Reply8 days
Send your proof to the NCAA, loser. Oh wait, you don't have any. What a putz. Please stop beating your spouse.
8 days
He does many things well, but this is obviously a huge strength. The players ain’t goin there because of his personality.
5 days
Now do his Opinion on Big Ed
Reply8 days
Arik Gilbert had O walking on eggshells. These "boys" need guidance and someone to lay down the law. Saban gives it to them. O plays tiddlywinks and is always walking on eggshells. That's why Gilbert left.
8 days
I hear he puts eggs in his gumbo. End quote.
8 days
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