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re: 461 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues, 269 Dead, After COVID Shot

I’d like all politicians to stay out of healthcare all together.

Politicians playing doctor are dangerous especially if they are dems.

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Studies done on FIFA show 5 x more.

5-fold increase in sudden cardiac and unexplained deaths among FIFA players in 2021.

Since December, 183 professional athletes and coaches have suddenly collapsed, with 108 dead.

Can you link me?

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At some point you have to ask yourself why have the klintons been so involved in sports the last couple of years.

Seriously, though, these stats are meaningless and only prove the vaccines are working.

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Until a college or NFL player drops dead on the field the progressive Commies like Fauci , the CDC and national health agencies will never admit that Covid-19 vaccines can cause myocarditis, clots and deaths.

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If the NBA is muzzling those with adverse events, you know the NFL is as well.

Player says NBA muzzled him after he got blood clots from COVID vaccine that took him out for season.

I got sick, then I never recovered from it. I would always have back pain. I was just super tired in the games, like when we played Philly back to back. Bro, I was so tired, like I couldn’t run up and down the court,” he said in the clip above.

“And then my back was hurting. Then we went home, I think that’s when I started, like, my back really started hurting bad. And then I’m like I gotta go to the doctor, and that’s when I found out I had blood clots,” he added.

Because of the timing, Goodwin said he was convinced the blood clots were the result of being vaccinated.

“That all happened in a span of a month. I was fine up until then, up until I took the vaccine. I was fine. So people trying to tell me, like, no it’s not the vaccine. I’m like, how do you know? You don’t. You don’t know. Yes, the vaccine ended my season, thousand percent,” he said.

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Studies done on FIFA show 5 x more.

This wasn't a study, it was comparing wikipedia articles of players who had died -while playing- earlier than 2021 with players who had died -in any way- from 2021 onward.

Aside from that fact the author of the linked article says he has no idea if this is an increase ("finding baseline data is hard! please help!").

So really all you're doing is fear mongering about something you refuse to even begin to understand, because you think it scores political points for your team.

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The politicians control the health care system now. They used our money to fund this shite and spent millions in PR propaganda.

Pharma controls the politicians who manipulate healthcare on their behalf.

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If you are an athlete you have the weigh the risk.

COVID sniffles are much more risky than COVID vaccine death.

The risk of myocarditis after covid-19 infection is much greater than the risk of myocarditis after vaccination.

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Deon Lendore (29), Athlete (sprinter) was driving on a highway when he crossed over the center stripe and side swiped another vehicle. He continued driving, drifted across the center stripe again and crashed head-on with another car. Lendore died at the scene.


Within this link is the list. Each case within this list has a link to the news about it.

The list is just athletes that have died. They range from all ages and a lot of the news story linked make no connection between vaccination status and their death. There are even amazing nuggets like the one I posted of a person dying in a car accident.

The creator of this list doesn’t want people to actually dig into each case. They just want you to be impressed by the numbers of names they list.

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And families have ZERO recourse for financial recovery....

That is 100% BS....

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The risk of myocarditis after covid-19 infection is much greater than the risk of myocarditis after vaccination
says who, you?

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Board lefties: sorry, that's not actually data.

Same board lefties: let's count everyone who died with covid as from covid.

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