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Has anyone heard of any fishing reports down around Golden Meadow and Catfish Lake area?

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reports i heard were lots of white trout and tons of dink specks but you can sift through them for about 15 keeper sized ones.

that sad


FYI - PSA on golden meadow public launch

the parking lot is being used as a staging area for large piles of gravel as well as huge pile of all the electrical wires that were picked up off the side of the roads.
only the very first row of parking can be used by fishermen to park at and it looks like max capacity is only about 15-20 trucks max.

after that, you will have to park somewhere else besides the launch parking lot.

so if you plan to go there expect little to no parking space

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Was there Saturday. Report above was correct. Lots of whites, plenty of specks. Had to pick thru to get keepers. Caught a ton of small catfish and a few bull reds. This was all on plastics.

I heard that some groups did much better on keeper specks with live shrimp. Though, I'm not sure where they bought them. Might have caught them themselves.

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Thanks for the info fellas. That is very helpful.

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Did it seems safe to drive around north if Catfish Lake? Last report I got was that there was debris and chunks of marsh floating around everywhere.

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There's a levee that protects catfish lake area. Golden meadow didn't get a hurricane surge so there wasn't a lot that could be washed out in lake. Besides from a few camps along hwy 1.

There was a fiberglass tank that was in catfish lake. Other than that didn't see anything else.

Kept 16 nice trout and 8 white trout last Saturday. Probably threw back 10 more. All caught on rattle shrimp

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